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Promotional Sweet Bags

Promotional sweet bags come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and are a wonderful giveaway that can be used for a variety of marketing events and private functions including weddings and parties. Whatever the confectionery filling you need, please do let us know and we will look at providing this in suitable bag sizes to meet the quantity required and your budget. Each of our sweet bags can be branded with your logo and imprint using a variety of printing techniques to make the right impact at your next event. We also supply sweet bags like these for use in restaurants and hotels. As well as traditional sweets we can also offer sugar-free sweets, chocolates and mints.

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Promotional Sweets, Candy and Confectionery Fillings

In the UK and Europe we use the term ‘sweet’ as a generic one to refer to chocolates and sweets. In the US the equivalent term if ‘candy’ leading to phrases such as ‘candy bags’. The term ‘confectionery’ refers to the art of making sweet items.

When it comes to sweet bags we can customise and provide you with a unique product. This can be done with either the bags or fillings. We have shown a selection of the sweet bags available in this collection including flow packs, flow wraps, plastic and paper bags. Nets are another alternative as are small cotton tote bags. Where you do want to supply an external bag with your sweets or candy we can also personalise this, either with a printed tag or by printing directly on the bag material itself.

Fillings are another way to customise your sweet bag. Again we have shown a selection of the fillings available and several of the bagged products will show alternative fillings available. If there is an alternative sweet you would like, please do ask as we may already have this within our range. You could also look to include other snack items as well as dried fruit pieces and nuts.

There really is no limit to the number of combinations you can achieve with the sweets and bags we supply and we can always look at a completely bespoke project for you. Bespoke really means custom made and this will typically only be more expensive than a standard product if there is any tooling required for either the bag or confectionery filling.

If you would like your bags and sweets combining with other products we can also provide this as a service, including fulfilment to different delivery locations.