Promotional Teddy Bears

Teddy bears are loved by everyone. If you want some of that love, make sure your brand is on teddy bears too. Great for raising funds for schools, charities, businesses as promotional gift products can be handed out during events or exhibitions.

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10cm Mini Coloured Bow Bears from £1.80
10cm Mini Coloured Sash Bears from £1.63
10cm Mini Coloured T-shirt Bears from £2.15
10cm Tubby Bow Bears from £1.97
10cm Tubby Sash Bears from £1.80
10cm Tubby T-shirt Bears from £2.32
15cm Red Nose Bow Bears from £3.17
Bertie Bow Bees from £3.77
Bertie Sash Bee from £3.60
Bertie T-shirt Bee from £4.80
Candy Bow Bears from £1.61
Candy T-shirt Bears from £1.67
Cappuccino Bow Bears from £2.75

What can you think of that is more adored worldwide than teddy bears? Teddy bears say the same thing in any language, so they work very well not matter where you plan to do your marketing at. Promotional teddy bears have the added benefit of associating your name, brand, or logo with the concept of cuddly sweetness. Depending on what your promotional theme is as well as what your products and services are, this may be the very message you want to send to potential customers for your latest marketing project. Do not forget to add teddy bears in with your list of promotional gifts that you plan to share with customers this year.

One of the best things about promotional teddy bears is that you can add anything you want to them. Promotional teddy bears are great for helping to cultivate an association between your company and something as welcoming as a teddy bear, but the fact that they are fully personalised means you can fine tune them with decorations that will further drive home any concept you are trying to convey. We have a range of accessory options available including bows, sashes, t-shirts, hoodies, graduation gowns or even bathrobes. The recipient of any promotional teddy bear can also decorate them as they see fit.