Search Marketing and Optimisation Campaigns

Search Engine Optimisation

SERPS stands for Search Engine Ranking Positions. In every day language we are talking about where your website appears in the search results. Almost all organisations want their website to rank on page 1 of the relevant search engine (most commonly Google, Bing and Yahoo) and most can achieve a top-3 position. Achieving the number one slot takes time, investment and a proactive SEO campaign. Successful SEO also requires integrated social media optimisation (SMO) to develop a wider market presence.

Typical SEO Campaign Stages

  • Keyword and keyword phrase analysis for the business and industry
  • Website on-page review for search engine optimisation compatibility
  • Competitor website review and linking neighbourhoods
  • Content management generation
  • Pro-active link building campaign
  • Social media integration: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube

Every aspect of a search engine position is algorithm controlled. Getting to the top of the search engines requires dedicated, step-by-step techniques that optimise your onsite content and build quality back-links to your website.

Our website design team ensures that we develop website structures that provide clean code and present their content to search engines in the most optimised manner. When revamping a website for SEO we often rewrite some or all of the content to ensure that all relevant information (page titles, meta descriptions and comments) are suitable and optimised. For more information see our SEO services and SEO plans.

Search Engine Marketing SEM Campaigns

Search engine marketing covers Pay-Pay-Click advertising campaigns. These are the paid for results seen on the top and right hand side of Google and Bing search results, and on social media platforms such as Facebook. At Redbows Marketing we set up, monitor and manage campaigns for clients and are also called in to optimise established campaigns. For more information see our SEM services.

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