Digital Marketing Agency and Consultants

Redbows is a full-service digital marketing agency and has been developing, building and promoting websites since 2004. Having a great corporate identify and logo is just part of today’s digital marketing mix. To succeed you need have great content and make sure it can easily be found and read on the internet. At Redbows we specialise in website design and development, its construction and content management.

Internet and Website Marketing

Online Marketing Strategies

  • Content Management Systems (CMS): with an easy-to-use back-office administration panel to add or edit content through multiple users on large scale projects
  • Ecommerce websites: similar to a CMS but fully ecommerce enabled to allow online ordering and secure payment, stock management and a host of bespoke features
  • Brochure-ware websites: relatively simply websites with few pages but great design that demonstrate what an organisation provides in terms of products and services

Internet Marketing Consultants and Promotion

Whether we are building a new website or revamping an existing one, the goal of our internet marketing consultants is to provide a website that is suitable for search engine marketing and search engine optimisation. Typical features available include:

  • Social media: Google+, Twitter feeds, Facebook, LinkedIn and content sharing
  • Blog management, resource guides and download areas
  • Landing pages for specific email marketing campaigns
  • Micro-websites for individual campaigns and search terms

Many organisations lack the time or facilities to write website and social media content. The Redbows Marketing service includes content writing for white papers, case studies, blogs and social media Tweets as well as video production for websites including YouTube.

Search Engine Marketing and Optimisation

Search engine marketing is one of the best ways to develop a high return-on-investment (ROI). Put simply a great website design and content needs to be found. Our search engine marketing (SEM) programs concentrate on promotion of your website through targeted pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns within Google, Yahoo and Bing. This is an ideal route when you want to promote a specific product or service, based around defined and agreed keywords and keyword phrases. Search engine optimisation (SEO) builds on this in developing high search engine rankings to get your website and content listed within organic results. Typical SEO programs include optimising website content and link building through:

  • Online press releases and articles
  • Blog and Social media form postings
  • Directory and search engine submissions

Whilst most organisations can perform some elements of SEM and SEO, they often lack the resources and time required to maintain consistent programs. For a monthly fee, Redbows can provide a sustainable search marketing program, with full monthly reports and quarterly client reviews. Our goal is to achieve the highest ROI for your marketing spend and this invariably means achieving a high number of websites visitors and conversion to sales orders.

Mobile Media and Browser Compatible

Today more searches are completed on mobile devices than desktop PCs. Redbows Marketing ensures that its websites operate on both Windows and Mac-based PCs, tablets and mobile devices to help ensure the best possible visitor experience.

We also test our websites in different browsers (including Explorer, Firefox and Safari) as each can affect how a website is rendered on a PC or mobile computing device. This testing is ongoing and websites are upgraded as required.

To learn more about our approach to digital marketing, website creation and search marketing at Redbows, please contact us to arrange a discussion with a member of our team or call us on 0800 158 3080 for a free and informative discussion.