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Social media encourages an interactive dialogue through the use of web-based media and mobile applications and devices. It is a way of interacting with your target audience in a less informal way than traditional website media but one that can disseminate useful information and build your brand.

Strategies To Develop A Social Media Audience

Social Media Strategies

The most popular forms of social media include Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Google+ is fast rising as a potential alternative to Facebook. What these social media services offer is a fast way to share content and interact with your audience.

At Redbows we can help you to set up your social media accounts and generate content for them through our social media optimisation programs. How often you update them is very much dependent upon the target audience. Who is seen to update them is also important.

Redbows can generate content and populate your social media microblogs and forums to suit your marketing strategy. We can also train people within your organisation to perform this task and help them identify useful information sources to base Tweets and other posts on.

When considering social media we recommend:

  • Twitter: designing a background theme to match your website and corporate identity and then populating this with Tweets from the spokesperson with in your organisation. Twitter can be used to provide an almost instantaneous update on your organisation’s activities and some search engines now list relevant Tweets in their search results.
  • Facebook and Google+: creating a fan page for your business or organisation that can automatically generate Tweets to populate your Twitter account. To achieve a higher level of Facebook likes, we can create a Facebook ‘Squeeze Page’ for your organisation and promote this using Facebook’s Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising facilities.
  • Instagram: a great way to engage with clients and post images with information to share on products and services.
  • LinkedIn: creating a company page and then having this updated with your blog posts and Tweets. LinkedIn is the business version of Facebook. It is important to have a company page and to use this to promote your company to the LinkedIn community. As with Facebook, it is possible to run a PPC advertising campaign within LinkedIn.

Within the websites we build, we like to include links to these social media and also to YouTube if clients have generated and posted relevant company videos, client testimonials and product information. We also include social bookmarking facilities such as AddThis.

If you are interested in developing a social media strategy for your organisation please contact us to arrange a discussion with a member of our team or call us on 0800 158 3080 for a free and informative discussion.