Eco Friendly Promotional Bags

The eco friendly bags shown below are manufactured from a wide range of natural or recycled materials including natural cotton, jute, canvas and paper. Eco promotional bags are very popular as we strive to ensure we use less plastic bags and develop a more sensible approach to the environment. Our Eco friendly bags are designed to last and are great for campaigns looking for products with an environmentally friendly theme. Our manufacturing facilities also provide a custom design service if you want a bespoke Eco bag designed for you.

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Environmentally Friendly Bags

Eco bags have become very popular in recent years as part of the general move away from plastic carrier bags. They are made from a range of materials in general including canvas, natural fibres such as Jute, cotton and woven synthetic fibres made from recycled materials.

Eco bags provide a great alternative to reusable shopping bags which tend to be treated as disposable. Disposable plastic bags have a dramatic affect on our environment and wildlife due to the fact that they are not biodegradable and easily broken down into their constituent parts.

We love promotional eco bags and all of our team have switched to them with several of our team using them for shopping and carrying items to clients for demonstrations and when dropping off samples.

Eco Bag Materials

We can provide eco bags made from a number of environmentally materials.

Natural Jute Bags

Jute is often referred to as the ‘golden fibre’ due to its golden colour. Jute is the second most used material to cotton when it comes to eco bags. The fibre is generally used to make hessian sacks and the twine used by in place of rope or string by gardeners. Jute is a relatively easy material to farm and one of the most affordable fibres available. Jute plants have a high yield per acre and require little if any pesticides or fertilisers.

Organic Cotton Bags

For cotton to be grown organically it has to be farmed (on a cotton plantation) without the use of synthetic agricultural chemicals including pesticides and fertilisers and is mainly grown in subtropical countries including parts of the USA, Turkey and China. It is also preferred if the plants themselves are not genetically modified.

Recycled Paper Bags

Paper bags made from recycled paper are another popular form of Eco bag but they are not as strong as bags made from jute or cotton. Most paper materials can be recycled and the process involves mixing used paper with water and chemicals to instigate the breakdown process. The material is them chopped up and heated to further breakdown the material into cellulose and a pulp that can be reformed.

Eco bags printed with your logo are a great way to promote your organisation and to help clients save money. The bags provide a great backdrop onto which to print your logo. When your clients use them they no longer have to pay the ‘plastic bag tax’ and help to protect the environment.

It may be that you don’t think you have the right artwork from which we can print your logo or want a virtual visual to get an idea of how a bag will look with your logo. No problem; just send us what you have and we can generate a visual and even create required artwork file for use by our printers to place the imprint on your chosen bag. Simply call us on 0800 158 3080 for more information or advice.