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Promotional Chocolate Coins

Promotional chocolate coins can be used for a varity of marketing events. With your logo imprint moulded in the chocolates themselves they cam be very distinctive and can be used for all sorts of events and functions, exhibitions, seminars, launch events and tradeshows. They can also be bagged to provide a delicious way to say ‘thank you’ to clients at Christmas and we can even add a personalised tag to the net bags for you. Some of the chocolate coins we have come with one of two foil colours: gold or silver and there are a range of sizes. The minimum quantities and other details are shown on the individual chocolate coins below.

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Personalised Chocolate Coins

Modern manufacturing and digital print techniques allow us to supply personalised chocolate coins in relatively small quantities and at unit prices that are very cost-effective for marketing budgets.

There are several ways to customise personalised chocolates with the most obvious being the branding applied to the chocolate mouldings which produce an embossing on the outer foils and to the packaging the coins are supplied in which can include cargo nets and boxes.

We also supply varying sizes of chocolate coin ranging from 24mm to up to 100mm and larger allowing them to be used as award and medallions. The foil wrapper can also be chosen with the choice including silver, gold and copper. Where we supply the coins in nets or boxes these can also be branded with your logo either with a printed tag or label or directly onto the outer packaging itself. When packed into nets the coins are sold based on weight with options from 25g nets and the attached label can be branded with your logo as well as with printing to match the season; Easter, Christmas or some other occasion.

The choice of which chocolate is used for the coins can also be an option. We can supply milk, dark or white chocolate coins and for bespoke projects look to supply flavoured chocolates (for example mint or chilli) as well as lactose-free or sugar-free ones.

So how do we get your logo onto the chocolate coins? What we need fist, is an artwork file and one that has been vectorised. You may be able to get this from your own marketing agency who may have supplied a vector-file type logo as part of a branding campaign. For moulding into the coins we only recommend a logo. If you are supplying your chocolate coins in cargo nets or chocolate boxes then it is possible to include more text such as a campaign slogan, telephone number, website address or some other information and this will be printed onto a label or tag.

If you cannot supply a vector file, our in-house design team can supply this. Simply send us your logo and any other information you want to include within the vector file and our design team can create the right artwork file. We will only use this to print your products following your artwork sign-off.

Chocolate coins are a great marketing giveaway for corporate events, parties and private functions.