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Promotional Chocolates

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Branded Chocolate For Promotions

Many organisations use chocolates to promote themselves and our chocolate client base covers businesses across many industries from airlines, catering, hospitality and events to hotels and restaurants. Printed chocolate wrappers are a great way to promote an organisation and the chocolates we supply can all be branded with an imprint on the outer wrapper, box or case they are supplied in.

Custom and Bespoke Promo Chocolate Shapes

Chocolate comes in all sizes from large to small square Neapolitan chocolates. Square Neapolitan chocolates are the perfect side delight for tea rooms, hotels and reception areas. Chocolate is a wonderful product to shape and we have supplied a number of clients with bespoke chocolate shapes made from individual moulds. Our custom chocolate have included chocolate bars with a logo de-embossed (3D) in the bar as well as chocolate shaped logos.

Marketing Campaign Themes

Running a marketing campaign using the ever inspired Willy Wonka golden ticket inside each chocolate bar has always been a proven success. Create this buzz with your next marketing campaign by placing a selected winning few tickets inside each bar and ensure your brand is not forgotten. Although Wonka only provides five Golden Tickets, the hope is enough to drive people wild looking for the winning bars. Some of the five winners have bought mountains of chocolate in an attempt to win. By limiting the number of prizes, and announcing when each ticket is found, the Fear of Missing Out becomes feverish. Yes, high frequency of win is a great thing to drive sustained engagement in a promotion. Ask us today to help you generate a sustainable marketing noise for your brand.