Promotional Halloween Items

Halloween is the perfect opportunity to promote your business. This year nearly 158 million will participate in Halloween activities. Join in the celebration with some clever promotional Halloween items including Toffee Popcorn Packs, Trick or Treat Sweet Boxes, Halloween Cookies or Witch Hatter Bugs. Engage with your customers by creating a spookily brilliant marketing campaign to start off the holiday season.

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Halloween is a popular commercial and secular celebration. Popular activities include trick-or-treating, carving pumpkins, attending Halloween parties, playing games, watching horror films and telling scary stories. It is believed that many Halloween traditions originated from ancient Celtic Harvest festivals. All Hallows’ Evening or Halloween, marks the time in the year dedicated to remembering the dead, martyrs, the faithful departed and saints.

Halloween is the evening before the Christian holy day, All Hallows’ Day on 1 November and All Souls Day on 2 November, thus giving the full name of All Hallows’ Eve. These three days are called Allhallowtide. Since the time of the early Church, major feats had vigils the night before.

It is claimed that both Germanic and Celtic-speaking people commemorated the dead at the beginning of winter as it is a time of ‘dying’ in nature. Christian religious observances include attending church services and lighting candles on graves. Some Christians also abstain from meat which is a tradition most commonly practised at Easter.