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Promotional Mint Tins

Promotional mint tins are perfect for exhibitions, events or trade shows. The tins can be personalised on the lid with a company’s artwork or call to action. Restaurants, universities or dental practices can offer mint tins to customers as a token of appreciation. Mint Tins fit easily into handbags or welcome packs. Mint Tins are great wedding favours for the couple who are simply ‘Mint to be’.

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Mint Packaging

Traditional sweet shops have made a comeback in recent years and have carved out a niche on the high street by selling what are now termed ‘old fashioned’ sweets. These shops stock sweet jars on their shelves, weigh out the product you want and serve them in paper bags. Just like we used to have them as a child. Whilst this was suitable for small quantities of sweets and those sold to an individual for consumption, the process was not as easily scaled up or convenient when it came to mass distribution.

The first tins used for preserving and storing food were used in the late 1800s. It was a British merchant, Peter Durand who patented the idea. Now days, we are used to using tins to store all sorts of food stuffs and confectionery from sweets to mints and biscuits, to crackers and canned food stuff.

The use of tin cans and boxes for packing provided a convenient space for branding and manufacturer advertising and this is still very common today. Whilst some tins have been replaced with plastic containers, traditionalist still prefer metal containers as there more of a concern today about recycling plastics. Food tins and cans are more easily recyclable.

In promotional marketing we use a variety of different tin types and this is evident when you consider branded mint tins. These still provide the same storage and distribution function but instead of advertising the manufacturer or retail we apply an imprint and logo to promote your organisation. Aside from round, square, rectangular and hinged tins one of the most popular is the Click-Clack (or Clic-Clac) tin which is named after the noise it makes when opened and closed.

One of the things about tins of this type is that they do offer a very good-sized print area and will keep the mint sweets fresh within them. Sweet tins like this can typically be stored for six to twelve months in an environment suitable for the storage of food stuffs.

So what does this mean for the marketer? Well you can purchase a batch of mint tins, branded with your logo and store them for use and roll out during your year, to suit your marketing program. The product could be generic in terms of its branding and imprint and then used at exhibitions and seminars or as giveaways by sales people visiting clients, at roadshows and even with the office for visitors and meeting rooms. The really is an unlimited potential for this type of product.

You also don’t have to worry if you don’t like mints. We can also supply these tins with other types of confectionery and sweet flavours including lemon and strawberry. Just let us know what you want inside your tin and we will ensure they are delivered when you need them and full of your chosen confectionery.

Virtual Visuals and Samples

It can be hard to imagine what your logo will look like on your chosen product, so we provide a virtual visual service. Simply send us your logo or a website link to it and let us know the tins you would like to see this on along with any other information you want in your imprint such as a website address, email or phone number. The skilled designers in our team will then take this and place it onto an image of the product to give you as realistic and image as possible of how your logo could look. This is a free of charge service and is one that has helped many clients in the past to make the right choice for their campaign. We can also supply samples and this is an important consideration as mints can vary in taste and strength and you want to make sure you get the right one.

To apply your imprint to mint tins we need to generate a vectorised artwork file or have this sent to us by your organisation or marketing company. If you do not have a vector file, this can be generated by our in-house design team if you can send us your logo and the text you want to include within the imprint area. Our expert graphic designers will then create the type of file we need to print your order. This file will also be used to send you an artwork acceptance form as part of our order process. Please note that all delivery times are quoted from artwork acceptance sign off. Once we have this your order proceeds to the print stage before quality inspection and despatch.