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Branded Promotional Mints

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Refresh your marketing efforts with promotional mints, packaged in Tins, Jars, Boxes, Cards or Containers. Printed Mints are excellent for handing out at corporate events. Try our PVC Mint Bags or Mint Pots. For promoting a business or organisation try our Double Mint Cushion Packs or Rectangular Mint Cards. We can also supply Mentos Drops and Mentos Blister Packs. If you cannot find the right personalised mints for your promotion or you need more information, please contact us.

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Keep your marketing fresh with promotional mint tins. Small and compact, they are the perfect giveaway at any event or tradeshow. Promotional items are almost always more successful when the lifespan of them extends far beyond a one use item. You can pop them in your bag, or brief case for a refreshing pick me up throughout the day. Another huge advantage for promotional mints is that they also keep extremely well. For leftover product or if you simply want to take advantage of buying your promotional mints in bulk for better pricing they can easily keep for a year and a half.

Also unlike almost all other types of confectionery including chocolate and jelly beans a pack of mints typically will not melt or become sticky when in warmer room temperature. In more humid conditions mints typically also hold up better than other types of confectionery.

The founder of a popular American restaurant chain called Sonic was known to say that every customer was worth a mint and to this day the chain continues to provide mints with each order. Don’t you feel your customers deserve the same kind of treatment? If you own a restaurant, cafe, or other eating establishment, giving away mints with each order can be a nice gesture. Individual wrapped mints are great for this. However, you can also purchase promotional tins of mints to slip into gift bags or even give to customers if you run an expensive restaurant. Regardless, the Sonic founder had the right idea; every customer really is worth a mint, at the very least.