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Printed Promotional Pencils

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Promotional Pencils can be supplied in all sorts of quantities and types. At Redbows we can supply branded or plain stock pencils made from wood or with plastic bodies on standard or express deliveries. In our pencil collections, the prices include branding with your imprint and logo. Promotional pencils marked “POA” are priced on application. Samples are available subject to stock status. If you would like us to quote for a specific design or type of pencil, please complete our enquiry form.

The Promotional Pencils Buyers Guide

Promotional Pencils make great promotional gifts. More and more clients are asking for branded pencils as alternative to promotional pens. Sometimes this is because they add something different to the mix and for other clients they may be more appropriate to their environments – architects offices, design houses, schools, universities and meeting rooms.

Some of the fundamental when it comes to selecting any type of promotional gift apply to pencils, especially if you want to brand and personalised them but there are also other particular aspects to consider.

Within the Redbows Promotional Pencils collection we offer several product types:

  • Plastic Pencils
  • Mechanical Pencils
  • Wooden Pencils
  • Express Delivery Pencils
  • ECO Environmentally Friendly Pencils

Our most popular pencils are the wooden variety (by client choice and volume shipped) with environmentally friendly wooden pencils rising in popularity. For this type of pencil several factors have to be considered:

  • WE or NE Eraser: WE means With Eraser and NE means No Eraser. For some clients having an eraser is important. If one is chosen it is generally pink or white as standard apart from the Black Knight products where it is possible to have a black version.
  • Ferrule Colour: the ferrule is the metal clasp that holds an eraser to the pencil end. Most are silver or gold but again with a Black Knight pencil (WE – with Eraser) it is possible to have a black ferrule.
  • Sharpened or Not: this is generally an additional cost and means that the pencils are supplied already sharpened for use. If not supplied sharpened clients can select a suitable pencil sharpener to supply – branded off course.

General Pencil Considerations and Personalisation Options

Environmentally Friendly Pencils
As with most other promotional products, ECO or environmentally friendly pencils are an option. These are made from a variety of recycled or sustainable resources including FSC certified forests, recycled paper, recycled plastics, denim, money and newspapers.

Pencil Order Quantities

Typical order quantities for pencils run from 250 pieces.

Unit and Volume Pricing

Unit cost is low for wooden pencils but rises for plastic and mechanical versions.

Pencil and Express Pencil Delivery Timescales

Most pencils are available within ten working days. Express delivery items are generally available within three to five working days. Generally most pencils are supplied from UK warehouses. It is exceptional for large quantities to be imported but if this is done a longer lead time will be quoted dependent upon whether air or sea freight logistics are used.

Plain Stock and Blank Pencils

Redbows supplies plain stock pencil pricing on request. Fullfillment takes place from one of our manufacturer’s depots direct to your door. The pencils can then be used as plain stock or personalised for a client.

Additional Features and Functionality

With a plastic and mechanical pencil it is sometimes possible to offer a matching promotional pen as a set and in a gift box.

Branding and Personalisation

As with most writing instruments, the branding areas are small and are limited to the length of the pencil barrel. The most common branding technique is screen printing and a one colour print can have a high impact on a contrasting barrel colour. Alternatively pencils can be embossed but this is more expensive.

Bespoke, Custom and Novelty Pencils

There is little to offer in the way of bespoke pencils. Colours can be Pantone matched and pencils can be supplied in miniature or large formats.


In general promotional pencils are supplied bulk packed in boxes. This is suitable for mass distribution. Gift boxes and pouches are available but this will off course increase the unit cost.