Promotional Fleeces

Branded fleeces provide a great way to promote your organisation and provide the wearer with a highly functional piece of hard-wearing and long lasting clothing. We provide a wide range of fleece jackets and show a selection below. If you need a jacket type not shown or more information please contact us on 0800 158 3080 and let our sourcing team organise a quotation for you.

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What is a Fleece Jacket?

Fleece material was created by Malden Mills in the late 1970s. The company’s scientists took a petroleum-based polyester yarn known as PET (polyethylene terephthalate) and from this engineered a densely wound fabric that could be used as an alternative to traditional cotton and wool. The synthetic material is today used to manufacture a wide range of products including fleece jackets and other forms of clothing and blankets.

Within the promotional merchandise industry, fleeces typically form part of a company’s workwear or corporate uniform. They provide an ideal platform for branding and a very useful garment for the wearer. A fleece material is a good insulator and hard wearing. It is a breathable material that (depending on how it is woven) can protect the wearer from cold outside temperatures. There are several types of fleece material including:

  • Microfleece: a thin and lightweight material that is a super mid-layer insulator that can also be worn as an outside garment in milder weather conditions. Microfleece materials are generally breathable and provide low level form of insulation making them ideal for active wearers. Microfleeces tend to be worn simply as mid-layer garments and so it is not common for them to have pockets and hoods. They can be supplied with half-zip fronts. The typical weight for a microfleece is 100gm/m2.
  • Mid-weight Fleeces: this is one of the most common and versatile fleece jackets and is ideal for many different uses including every day usage. These jackets tend to provide higher levels of insulation and breathability over microfleeces. Mid-weight fleeces are more often used for country and mountain walks and corporate workwear. They can be easily worn underneath a waterproof jacket to provide extra warmth in winter and generally have pockets (side and/or breast) to make them more practical. The typical weight for a mid-weight fleece is 200g/m2.
  • Heavy-weight Fleeces: this is similar to the mid-weight fleece but with a typical weight of 300g/m2 and is ideal for extreme temperatures and outdoor pursuits.
  • Textured Fleeces: this is more the waffle or fluffy fleece one tends to see worn on very cold days.

Fleece material also differs in terms of whether it is high loft or tightly woven. This really means whether the material feels like fur or cotton in the finished product.

  • High loft fleeces: tend to feel warmer as the material has tiny pockets in which to trap air and retain heat. A high loft and heavy weight fleece will keep you very warm as it the material will have high thermal insulation properties.
  • Tightly woven fleeces: are the opposite of high loft. The material is compact and feels smoother. The fleece material is thinner and compressed with fewer insulating pockets and therefore can be more tightly packed or worn as a thin garment layer.

Selecting a Fleece Jacket For Your Company

The most common type of jacket is a mid-weight fleece. In this collection we provide a range of promotional fleece jackets to suit men, women and children. Apart from different sizes and colours, other options can include pockets and zips. These can make a fleece jacket more usable for the wearer.

Fleece Jacket Pricing and Branding

The fleeces we provide a priced on a quantity break basis. The more you purchase the lower the unit cost. We also price the branding based on embroidery which is the most common form of branding for this type of product. Embroidery prices are based on stitch number per imprint area and the number of thread colours required.