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Promotional Branded Chocolate Bars

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Promotional chocolate bars in a range of sizes, imprint and personalisation options. Click on the any of the chocolate bars shown below to see further details, personalisation options and pricing. Chocolate bars with a “POA” tag are priced on application. Plain stock and sample promotional chocolate bars are available subject to availability.

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Chocolate as we all know it is the nation’s favourite. From a wide range of ages groups, we all love chocolate so this as a branded giveaway is certainly guaranteed to be well received by all. Through branded giveaways we want to grab the attention of the receiver, stamping that feel good factor on your brand. Chocolate has a real sense of giving and you immediately receive a sense of gratitude for the kind gesture.

Chocolate comes in all sizes from large to small square Neapolitan chocolates. Square Neapolitan chocolates are the perfect side delight for tea rooms, hotels and reception areas. Give your customers that lasting impression. These little touches are often what make the visit for many. Giving people the opportunity to savour the small things that hotels do to create a positive atmosphere can be translated to almost any arena too.

Running a marketing campaign using the ever inspired Willy Wonka golden ticket inside each chocolate bar has always been a proven success. Create this buzz with your next marketing campaign by placing a selected winning few tickets inside each bar and ensure your brand is not forgotten. Although Wonka only provides five Golden Tickets, the hope is enough to drive people wild looking for the winning bars. Some of the five winners have bought mountains of chocolate in an attempt to win. By limiting the number of prizes, and announcing when each ticket is found, the Fear of Missing Out becomes feverish. Yes, high frequency of win is a great thing to drive sustained engagement in a promotion. Ask us today to help you generate a sustainable marketing noise for your brand.