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Promotional Advent Calendars

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Promotional Advent Calendars from the Redbows collection of everyday, essential business corporate gifts. Click on the any of the advent calendars shown below to see further details, personalisation options and pricing. Prices include branding with your imprint and logo. Promotional advent calendars marked “POA” are priced on application. Plain stock advent calendars can also be supplied.

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When it comes to the Christmas period, a marketing campaign set to count in your clients to the festive fun is always a great way to create that marketing buzz around your brand. Everyone loves Christmas, so giving in a time of giving never goes unnoticed. Engage your customer’s attention as they open the door to a delicious chocolate treat inside, along with a message behind each door which could be in the form of facts about your company you want them to know. The advent calendar format has become so popular with brands because it’s given them a fun and creative way to offer their goods or services while attractively packaging their brand’s message.

The advent calendar comes in two forms either a desk calendar or the traditional sized wall advent. Putting your brand in-front of the recipient eyes on their desk for that exciting run up is a great way to ensure they are engaged to your marketing message. You immediately receive a sense of gratitude for the kind gesture through the giving of chocolate. Take advantage of the ease of giving this promotional treat that is so widely accepted and appreciated.

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