Everything you need to know about Branded Advent Calendars

The deadline date for ordering your promotional advent calendars is fast approaching. Don’t miss out on a fantastic opportunity to engage with your customers and create a marketing buzz around your brand.

We offer a range of Branded Advent Calendars at affordable prices with branding options for full or part personalisation. Our most popular advents are the A5 Lindt Desktop Advent Calendars, Traditional A4 Advent Calendars, A5 Desktop Advent Calendars and Napoli Advent Calendars. We also offer custom designed Advent Calendars to match any bespoke layout or shape. This includes the option for a large window for number 25. Please bear in mind, this would need to be developed in advance with artwork signed off before the end of September. Call us today to find out how promotional advent calendars can promote your organisation or business. Sample calendars are available on request.

Deadline Dates:

  • 15th August 2018: Lindt, Milka and Toblerone Advent Calendars
  • 15th October 2018: Traditional, Desktop Advent Calendars, 10 Day Advent Calendars
  • 15th October 2018: Napoli Advent Calendar, 10 Day Advent Calendars, A3 Advent Calendars, A4 Advent Calendars

For further deadline dates on promotional advent calendars, please contact us.

Desktop and Traditional Advent Calendars

Printing Options available on Advent Calendars

Essentially, there are two types of personalisation available. We can provide space for an imprint, into this we can print your artwork which can include your company’s logo, website or contact details. With a fully customised design, the whole cardboard outer and even the inner doors can be personalised with your artwork. Choose from a range of stock designs or create an advent calendar design unique to your company. We can also arrange this for you. Additional print areas include branding on the chocolate wrappers. This is an excellent way to engage with your customers and market a new product, service or promotion every day. Other options include bespoke moulded chocolates, foil lidding, print to the inside of each window, chocolate wrappers and to the outer carton.

When we receive your artwork, we can provide a full PDF proof, showing you how your artwork will look on your chosen promotional item. Once the pdf proof is approved we can dispatch a hard copy, which we will be sent in the post. The lead time starts from when the hard copy is approved. We can hold onto your order until a date that suits you. We recommend delivery before the 1st of December to leave time for delivery to your clients. Remember, you really need your artwork signed off early and definitely before the last print runs in October.

Advent Calendar Stock Designs

Choose a style to suit your artwork

We offer a wide range of Advent Calendars at Redbows, including our Traditional A4 Advent Calendars, Napoli Advent Calendars and 12 Day Advent Calendars. It is important to consider the timing when purchasing promotional Advent Calendars. Those ordering in early September can experiment with different artwork templates with our unlimited Virtual Visuals. Once we reach mid-September it's important to guarantee delivery, especially if your planning to post your advents. The cut off date for our Lindt, Toblerone and Milka Advent Calendars is mid-August.

  • Choose colours that compliment your logo and give impact.
  • Whilst white space works well the imprint area is relatively small on our A5 Desktop Advent Calendars and 12 Day Advent Calendars.
  • Design an imprint layout that compliments your logo and calendar style; A3, A4, A5
  • Choose an advent calendar layout that matches your logo orientation; portrait or landscape.
  • Check your contact details; contact number, website address, social networks.
Napoli Advent Calendars

What to consider when buying Printed Advent Calendars

Delivery Options

To ensure your advent calendars reach your clients in impeccable condition we can provide postal cartons. The postal cartons keep the advents and artwork in pristine condition during storage and delivery. Postal Cartons are an optional extra but essential if delivering to more than one address across the UK. At Redbows we also provide a complete fulfilment service. So, all you have to do is provide us with the names and addresses of your team and we can do the rest. We will mail your branded Advent Calendars to your clients for you. Please contact us for further requirements.

Early Discounts for orders in August

Take advantage of ‘early order’ discounts in August when we provide extra incentives for printing advent calendars. Incentives can also be held in September and October, but it depends on supply and demand. To guarantee early order discounts we suggest ordering in late August or early September. This ensures your Advent Calendars will be delivered on time and to a date that suits you. For Lindt, Toblerone and Milka we suggest ordering by mid-august.

Quantity over Print Colours

We always recommend setting a maximum spend no matter what promotional items a company is considering. Once you have set a budget, our sales representatives will work with you to maximise the effect of your chosen items. If quantity is essential, we recommend choosing a part-personalised calendar over a full colour digital advent calendar. This means you will receive more calendars to promote your brand to a wider audience.

Chocolate Types

If you need a specific chocolate type or a custom mould for the chocolates, then this can also be arranged. Milk chocolate is the nation’s favourite, but we can also supply dark, white, Fair Trade, Vegan, Vegetarian, UK-manufactured or Belgian Chocolates. If you have special requirements let us know. We also offer Lindt, Toblerone, Raffaello and Milka Advent Calendars which are an esteemed favourite in the office.

Artwork Service

Redbows offers a complete artwork service. Simply send us a rough layout of your design or logo and we will show you how your imprint will work on your chosen Advent Calendar.

Set Your Dates. For the most impact

You should aim to get your advents delivered a week before the start of December. This year’s target date is: Friday 23rd November 2018.

Advent Calendars available:

Lindt 3D Truck Advent_Calendars

The deadline date for the Lindt, Milka and Toblerone range is the 15th August. Enquire now for prices on an fully personalised Advent Calendar. For more information please call our team on 0800 158 3080 or view our full collection page http://www.redbows.co.uk/promotional-advent-calendars online.