Promotional USB Car Chargers

These branded USB car chargers includes single and dual chargers that can be used to power and recharge mobile phones and tablet computers. They are hard wearing and can be branded with your logo. The range includes different body colour and with some featuring an LED light to shown when in use. These USB car chargers are a great way to keep advertise your logo with a really useful USB powered gadget that clients and prospects can keep in their vehicles. They are ideal for people the go who need to charge mobiles and tablets whilst travelling.

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What is a USB Car Charger?

A USB car charger provides an electrical supply from which to charge a USB powered gadget such as a smart mobile phone or tablet computer or even a camera or other USB powered devices that can connect to a car’s electrical circuit via a cigarette or alternative DC (direct current) socket. A USB car charger may provide one or more USB powered sockets.

USB car chargers have become a must have accessory if travelling by car. They are great for people travelling for work or leisure and especially when travelling with others who may also be bringing along their own USB powered devices.

It is important when deciding which USB car charger you need to think about the number of sockets you need. Some devices provide one or more sockets allowing passengers to also charge their devices. In addition you could also consider if your car needs more than one charger if it offers multiple charging sockets. This is sometimes the case with sockets provided for rear seat passengers.

Not very promotional car charger provides the same output in terms of charging voltage. New iPhones and iPads for example may need a higher rated charger in order to provide the charging current they need and/or a fast recharge time. Older chargers may also provide a 0.5A where as newer models will provide between 2.1-2.4 or more amps. The higher the rating the greater the flexibility and the faster the recharge time.

GPS Navigation

Most mobile apps allow you to use a mobile smartphone for GPS navigation. If you are using your phone for this then you really do need to be using a USB charger. Satellite navigation apps are notoriously power hungry and if you use your smartphone for navigation on battery power you could arrive at your destination without sufficient power. Plug your smartphone in and you will constantly float charge your battery to ensure it is at 100% power when you arrive.

If you have a separate GPS device you may then need a dual socket (two-socket) USB car charger capable of providing up to 4.8A output.

LED Indicators

What is an LED? An LED is a light emitting diode and we are used to using them within a number of gadgets both on the go and in our homes and offices. When you have a car charger with an LED the LED can indicate that the USB charger is powered and may offer multiple colours (green and red) to indicate fault or charged conditions.

Safety Considerations

There are safety points to consider aside from safely using a mobile phone when driving you should also consider the physical size and cabling aspects.

Physical Size

Ideally your car charger should be sized to sit comfortably into a cigarette or auxiliary socket but not so large that it protrudes and presents a possible hazard when driving.

Fittings and Attachment

The car charger and the device it is powering must be secure so that they are held in place no matter what the road or driving condition. It is always best to secure your mobile smartphone into a properly sized and installed holder.


Cables from the charger to the devices must be secure and must not present a hazard in case of an emergency manoeuvre or even an emergency exit from a vehicle. It can be best to place a charging device in a glove box, arm rest block or a bag.

There is no doubt that USB car chargers are a great gadget for promoting organisations.
Even vehicles now offering built-in USB and even wireless charging very often provide additional auxiliary charging points into which a traveller can install their own charger.