‘Pay as You Go’ Marketing Projects – No Contracts

At Redbows we aim to provide a transparent approach with no hidden costs. We like to work to a concise marketing project brief and provide clients with a clear quotation for budgetary purposes. Our approach is one that allows clients to adopt a ‘Pay As You Go’ approach, avoiding complex agency contracts and outsourcing their marketing projects – easily. We also discount our rates for long-term contracts as a gesture of goodwill. All-round its proved to be a winning formula.

Design Studio Timescales

Here are some typical marketing projects and associated times from our design studio for reference. The times and costs apply to both new creative and revamps, for example, of existing logos and website designs to bring them more up to date.

  • Logo Generation: budget 4-8 hours of studio time dependent upon the complexity of the identity required and overall design brief. This will yield 2-3 ideas and allow for two sets of amends before final production of the finished artwork. Target cost from £220 plus VAT.
  • Website Visuals: budget 6-12 hours to produce a home and content page (usually in a .png format) with two sets of amends subject to complexity. Target cost from £330 plus VAT.
  • Corporate Brochure Design: budget 6-12 hours to produce an 8-page A4 sized (210×210mm) brochure, based on one idea with two sets of amends. Target cost from £330 plus VAT.
  • Folder Design: budget 4-6 hours subject to brief, to generate a 4 sided folder from one idea with two sets of amends. Target cost from £220 plus VAT.
  • Single A4 Leaflet Design: budget 3-5 hours based on a corporate design to generate a double-sided leaflet, one idea with two sets of amends. Target cost from £165 plus VAT.
  • Twitter Background: budget 2 hours to set up a Twitter background to match your corporate profile, wit two amends. Target cost from £130 plus VAT.

Additional amends charged for at an hourly rate. Please note that we are well skilled in managing complex marketing projects and working with a wide range of decision makers and stakeholders both in the UK and overseas.

Content Writing Plans

Content writing can range from 140 character Tweets to Facebook updates, company blogs, articles, case studies, press releases and brochures. Our hourly costs are lower than for design work and typical examples include:

  • Weekly Social Media Updates: here we would integrate your Twitter account with your Facebook and LinkedIn pages, providing daily Tweets on behalf of your organisation. Content is generated from news inside your company and tracking industry related journals, websites and newsfeeds. Budget 1-3 hours from £37.40 plus VAT.
  • Blog Updates: search engines require a constant stream of new information to index and adding a blog to your website can help to raise its profile within search engine results. Off course the content itself has to be ‘on topic’ and search engine optimised. We recommend a minimum of 1-2 blog posts per month but an aggressive strategy around a specific group of keyword phrases can see daily blog updates. Budget 4 hours from £150 plus VAT.
  • Editorial Articles and Case Studies: this type of written content is for traditional press and specific web portals. The work is more intense and can include onsite interviews. Budget 4-6 hours per article or case study from £225 plus any associated travel and photography costs plus VAT.
  • Press Releases: press releasing news about your company, products and services can be made at regional, national and international levels, as well as being published on the internet and your own website. They provide good editorial background for industry specific articles and can help to build a media relationship. Similar to articles and case studies take time to write and optimise for the relevant media. Budget 3-4 hours per press release and from £115 plus any associated distribution and photography costs plus VAT.

For more information see our copy writing services.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaign Management

At Redbows we can set up and manage your PPC campaign on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook and LinkedIn. Combining this type of work with website content creation and an overall search engine optimisation plan, can yield lower-cost results and higher Click-Through-Rates (CTRs). This type of work is quoted on a project-by-project basis and is based on a flat percentage fee of the overall budget. A growing service we offer is to rescue clients from growing PPC spends. Here we help to reduce a clients overall spend by reviewing a range of factors including their keyword phrase list and adwords relevancy, advertising reach and landing pages. PPC rescue projects are quoted individually.

  • Set up and Manage PPC Campaigns
  • Review, Reduce and Rescue PPC Spends
  • Improve CTRs and Landing Page Efficiency

Search Engine and Social Media Plans

At Redbows we can provide tailored internet marketing programs to meet your budget and marketing objectives, running a single or integrated campaign from the following:

Pricing for these plans is very much dependent upon the specific campaign objectives, current website traffic statistics and search rankings and competitive territory for specific keyword phrases. For sample prices see our SEO plans guide.

Telemarketing Lead Generation and Eshot Newsletters

Telemarketing lead generation and email marketing campaigns are priced on a project by project basis due to volume and complexity. For email marketing Redbows uses Carrier Pigeon.

For more information please send us a marketing projects enquiry.