Personalised Promotional Tea Bags

Promotional tea bags and drink sachets are ideal for hospitality and office promotions. Branded with your logo these sachets really do help to make an impression on arrival and during every day usage.

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Tea is the second most widely consumed beverage in the world, after water. That’s because it’s so versatile: You can drink it iced or hot, and there are enough varieties of tea to suit just about any palate (there are over 1,500 types of tea—not including herbal teas).

People have been drinking tea for centuries so if you’re looking for a giveaway that you have pretty much a guarantee that everyone will like, then branded teabags are your winner! They come in a full colour branded envelope that can be made as eye-catching and vibrant as you like, which clients will remember when they sit down to relax with their brew from their busy schedule.

Branded teabags and drink sachets are the perfect item for marketing mail-shots due to their slim packaging, easy to slot in to envelopes adding no additional weight. Everyone enjoys receiving a freebie, so ensure your company is at the top of their tongue at their morning meeting or coffee break.