Promotional Calculators

Desktop promotional calculators are a great giveaway and can be used for a range of advertising and promotional campaigns. We supply solar powered and battery powered calculators as well as novelty models. If you cannot find the branded calculator you need please contact us as we will be able to source the item for you. All pricing includes printing with your logo and imprint with items marked “POA” priced on application. If you need a sample of printed calculators we have done for other companies and organisations please let us know.

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Branded Promotional Calculators

Looking for the perfect promotional stationery item for an office desktop or service counter? Take a look at our range of branded calculators. Numbers are a part of our everyday lives. Whether it’s adding up the latest sales figures or balancing the cheque book or bank statement, we all have to work with numbers at some point.

All of our branded calculators can be printed with your logo or marketing message. Printing can be done in up to four spot colours. All of our printed calculators have good print areas, allowing us to apply your imprint in a very clear way. If you need any help choosing the right personalised calculators for you, or you would like help with your artwork, then contact our friendly team. We will be more than happy to help. Call us on 0800 158 3080 or email us. We will be dedicated to creating the perfect printed calculators for

Printed calculators are also a brilliant choice for schools,colleges and even universities. Every maths department would love to be able to hand out printed calculators to students. They will receive their very own personalised calculator to help them with all their maths equations, and your brand will be promoted whenever they use their calculators.

Desktop and pocket calculators are a great item for promotional giveaway campaigns and can be used in a wide variety of office and service counter ways. On the desktop a calculator is always visible showing your logo. On a service counter the same true and can be seen by both clients as a way to promote your brand. A good example is a tyre depot with a tyre manufacturer branded calculator. As the tyre fitter calculates the final total bill for a replacement set of tyres the brand on the calculator is seen by the person who just had them fitted to their vehicle. This is an example of brand reinforcement and it is a known marketing technique.

Another aspect to consider is whether you want solar powered calculators. This can introduce an eco-friendly aspect to your marketing campaign and one where no batteries are required. The power comes directly from the light the calculator is exposed to. So this type of solar product is great but not in the dark unless it has an internal back-up battery.

Finally consider the size of the calculator keyboard. Some people including the elderly and those with poorer sight may prefer a calculator with a larger keyboard and one with more touch feel to the keys than a smaller and harder key type.

Sound good? Then invest in our logo printed calculators today and start helping your customers or employees with all their numerical tasks.