Make Your Brand Visible Throughout The Year

Mini Desk Promotional Calendars

Sometimes, people overlook promotional calendars as effective marketing tools. HUGE MISTAKE! Calendars and planners are versatile promotional products that not only reinforce your brand but also allow you to express yourself. Don’t believe me? Let’s take a look at a few of the benefits.

Personalised promotional calendars are a really use marketing gift. How do you think a client would react if you walked up and handed them a flyer printed with your company information on it? Do you think they’d be annoyed? Thankful? Ask yourself how you feel when you are busy shopping and you are forced to accept a meaningless piece of paper that’s more of a nuisance than anything else. What are you supposed to do with a flyer from a business supplier – stick it to your wall? Promotional flyers are OK for mass distribution with local newspapers and national magazines or locally when put under your car windshield wipers. Even though wasteful, flyers have a purpose but they’re not effective and long term branding tools.

Now, how do you think that same client would react if you walked up and handed him or her a colourful promotional calendar that provided all your vital company information all year round? Company calendars serve more of a purpose than most other promotional gifts and are considered gifts rather than blatant advertisements. Your clients and the recipients are far more likely to keep and use them and more than likely will appreciate your kind gesture, all year around.

One of the main advantages to promotional calendars is the fact that they build your brand and can generate a high return on investment in this most useful of promotional gifts. When your company’s calendar is staring clients in the face day after day, they’re bound to notice your logo and your marketing slogan. How is that helpful? Well, let’s say that I had never heard of your company prior to receiving your promotional calendar and I chose to display it in my office or in my home. After I’ve glanced at the calendar every single day for a few weeks, I’m probably going to remember what your logo looks like if the customised calendar or weekly planner isn’t in front of me. This brand recognition fuels new business relationships. Not to mention, if I end up needing the products or services you offer then I’ll be sure to remember you and to trust you because you were generous enough to give me a beautiful promotional piece.

Think of personalised calendars as a personal recommendation. If a customer has your company calendar displayed in his or her office, that means your brand is being endorsed by that person. So, anyone who walks into your customer’s office can clearly see that he or she has an established relationship with your company, and that goes a very long way.

For more information see our 2016 promotional calendars range or call us on 0800 158 3080 for a sample and to discuss your campaign. Remember the best time to print your calendars is in the summer to early autumn months and to send them to your clients ahead of the new year, 2016.