Branded Promotional Face Masks and Mask Kits

A range of branded face masks and face mask kits that can be supplied as plain stock or branded with a logo. Face masks are recommended by some healthcare advisors, consultants and government bodies when outside or travelling on public transport. They can help to prevent the spreading of a virus, and protect and reduce the chance of infection to the individual and those around them. Face mask packs can be branded with a logo and promotional message and used for a wide range of healthcare campaigns to support health related marketing promotions, social distancing and health awareness campaigns. The packs are designed for easy distribution within offices and are ideal giveaways for conference venues, events, roadshows and exhibitions. Redbows also supplies a wide range of hand sanitisers to compliment these products within our healthcare range.

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Promotional Surgical Masks

The products available include individually wrapped face masks and for branding a lable can be added to the outside of the pack. MyKits are protection kits including a hand sanitiser cleaning gel, face mask, cleaning wipe and a pair of disposable gloves. These are great giveaways to help promote health and cleanliness awareness and protect the NHS.

Promotional Face Mask Kits

Protection kits are small enough to be easily carried around and can be kept in a rucksack, hand bag, brief case, car glove box or desk drawer to ensure that they are readily available and easy to use. The kits are ideal for anyone who has to travel and meet people on the go. The kits are available with and without hand sanitiser gel. The gel is 70% alcohol based and the kit is supplied in a clear/translucent box that can be easily branded with a logo. The Redbows supply team can also supply kits made-to-order so please do contact us if you cannot find the face masks and healthcare kits you need for event or promotion.