Promotional Hoodies

Branded hoodies and promotional sweatshirts are a great way to provide corporate workwear to employees and teams. Branded with our logo using embroidered imprints or prints (transfers or screens) these hoodies and sweatshirts are functional and will get your logo and brand noticed.

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Promotional Sweatshirts and Branded Hoodies

Looking for stylish and comfortable promotional clothing for a sports club, college, university, sports team or business? Then take a look at our range of branded hoodies and promotional sweatshirts.

All of our branded hoodies and sweatshirts can be printed with your logo or marketing message. Printing can be done in up to four spot colours or embroidered. All of our printed hoodies and sweatshirts have generous imprint areas. If you need any help choosing which style of printed hoodie is best for you, or you would like help with your artwork, please contact us on 0800 158 3080 or email us.

Printed hoodies are brilliant for sports teams or societies. Your members can turn up to training or meetings in their very own personalised hoodies. They are an extremely effective advertising tool since your members will literally become walking adverts for your university, sports club or society.

Branded hoodies and promotional clothing like this are particularly good for boosting team morale and making sure everybody feels part of your team. When your team mates receive their personalised hoodie, they will instantly feel like a valued member of the team. This will boost team morale which, in turn, will boost team performance, meaning your results will be better than ever.

Sound good? Invest in our hoodies and sweatshirts today and start promoting your brand, club, team or society in a very stylish way.