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Branded Promotional Christmas Products

Promotional Christmas Products from Redbows including Christmas Chocolates, Christmas decorations, Advent Calendars, crackers and chocolate boxes. Click on the any of the Christmas products shown below to see further details, personalisation options and pricing. Christmas chocolates or items marked with a “POA” tag are priced on application.

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We have a wide variety of Christmas products for any marketing campaign this Christmas. Many of our products are branded with your logo and ready for shipment within 10-15 working days. However larger quantity orders may face longer lead times, but the overall unit cost will be lower to compensate for this. On selected products we can also offer smaller quantities for those only looking for a few items.

Promotional Christmas Products- Getting your logo on a festive Christmas Item

Many Christmas products including our Printed Christmas Chocolates and Advent Calendars offer fantastic branding areas with great opportunities to hand out at events or exhibitions this Christmas. Simply choose your festive design with your imprint or logo and hand out to clients as a festive promotion. Promotional Christmas Items are very popular because of their fun and creative aspect. Christmas is the perfect time for thanking your customers for all their business throughout the year. Which is why Branded Christmas Gifts are becoming so popular.
Our Christmas range offers a number of branding techniques and we can apply imprints using several processes including: screen print, digital transfer, laser engraved or pad printing. The processes available depends on the product chosen and the materials used on the promotional Christmas item. We can even offer Christmas products made from recycled materials for companies with Eco values at their core.

Use Promotional Christmas Products to Promote your Business

Christmas is the time for giving, spending time with your family and eating chocolate. Whether you’re festive tradition is indulging in Mince Pies or a box of chocolate branded Christmas item gives you great brand exposure that can last from December till New Year. Select a product with a reusable value and your product may last even longer. Branded Christmas Chocolates, or festive items can make quite a big impact when used to advertise your business. Just imagine the feel-good affect your branded items will have on your clients. Imagine the delight on their face once they receive them in the post or at an event. This is what most companies love to see; a smile on their customer’s face. Christmas products also have the ability to reach consumers that other more conventional forms of advertising won’t reach. Everyone even your customers, love receiving a gift.

Even though sending out Christmas products to your customers is a great idea, sending them out to your staff members is even better. Thanking your staff with a promotional Christmas item is a great way to show them how grateful you are for all their hard work throughout the year. Sometimes this is better than a Christmas card handed out on the last day. You can choose from Gold Share Tins filled with delicious chocolates or Christmas nets with chocolates wrapped in foil. Whether it’s a small favour or expensive Christmas gift your staff members will be grateful.
Brand awareness is especially important at Christmas because of the effect it can have on your company. You’ll notice the hundreds of Ads that will be played on repeat from November till the last day of Christmas. These are all examples of companies wanting to make the most of the Christmas hype. Practical marketing techniques go out the window and are replaced with flamboyant campaigns that lead to greater brand exposure. Using Promotional Christmas Items as a way to advertise your company is definitely an excellent way to make your brand known, giving you an advantage over your competitors.

Here are a few ideas on Christmas Items that can make excellent promotional items for your business.

  • Christmas Chocolates: Whether it’s mince pies, a box of chocolates or traditional Advent Calendars branded Christmas chocolate will always go down a storm in the office. Handing out confectionery at Christmas will inspire customers to come back in the New Year. Few utilise the true potential of branded gifts at Christmas because of the ‘imagined’ high costs but there are plenty of options available for those mindful of budget. Hot Chocolate Sachets branded with your logo are the perfect gift to send out at Christmas because their compact size makes them great mailers. Small favours such as Mince Pies are a novel approach to wishing customers a Merry Christmas. The unique concept will help your company stand out from the crowd.
  • Advent Calendars: Advent Calendars are the perfect choice for those looking for something to stay on clients’ desk throughout the festive season. Each day your client will enjoy a chocolate treat provided by your company. Advent Calendars are a great idea but with very long lead times many miss out on the opportunity. We offer 12 Day Advent calendars for those who miss the Traditional and Desktop Advent Calendar deadlines. Branded Advent Calendars are quickly becoming one of our most popular festive products because of their compact size and fun concept.
  • Kitchen Items: Christmas is the time for roast turkey, cranberry sauce and stuffing which all require kitchen items such as oven gloves, aprons and utensils to perfect. Brand with your logo or imprint to ensure your product is used throughout the Christmas Season. We offer Reindeer Nut Crackers at a fantastic price. These are great for handing out to clients as a unique thank you for all their business. Christmas items may not be used all year, but they could become part of a tradition that lasts a lifetime. Whether your item is used while cutting up a carrot for Rudolph or putting out a mince pie for Santa your product has the potential to be used every year. What is better than that?

Marketing with Christmas products is a brilliant way to promote your company at Christmas. Choose from Christmas Chocolates, Advent Calendars, Kitchen items or Christmas Sweets for the perfect gift to give out to clients and staff members. Christmas is the time for giving and what better way to thank your clients than with a branded Christmas item printed with your logo.