Branded Promotional Christmas Products

A collection of festive products from Redbows including Sweets, Stationery, Kitchen items, and Giveaways. Click on any of the products shown below to see further details, personalisation options, and pricing. Items marked with a “POA” tag are priced on application. We offer a wide variety of xmas products for the holidays. Many are printed with your logo and delivered within 10-15 working days. Large orders may face longer delivery times leading up to December. On selected products, we can quote below the minimum order shown.

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Getting your logo on festive Christmas items

Sweets and Chocolate boxes offer fantastic branding areas on the outer card or wrappers. Simply incorporate your imprint or logo into a festive design and hand deliver to clients as part of a festive promotion. Promotional Christmas gifts are very popular because of their fun and creative aspect. The festive season is the perfect time to thank customers for their business throughout the year.

Our collection involves a range of branding techniques. We can produce items using several processes including screen printing, digital transfer, laser engraving or pad printing. The printing processes available depends on the product chosen and the materials used. We can offer products made from recycled materials for companies with eco values at their core.

Using to Promote your Business

The brand exposure from promotional Christmas items can last from December till the New Year. Select a product with a reusable value and your product may last even longer. When used to advertise your business, festive items can make a big impact. Just imagine the feel-good effect your products will have. Picture the delight on your customers face once they receive their item in the post. That is what most companies aspire to achieve.

Even though sending branded gifts to your customers is a great idea, sending them to your staff members is an even better one. Choose from chocolate coins, candy canes, lollipops or Quality Street tins to show your staff how grateful you are for all their hard work. Sometimes this can have a greater impact than a card. After all, everyone loves receiving an unexpected gift.

Brand awareness is especially important during the months leading up to the big day because of the effect they can have on your company. You’ll notice the hundreds of advertisements that are played on repeat from November; companies want to make the most of the shopping season. Practical marketing techniques go out the window and are replaced with flamboyant campaigns in flashing lights that lead to greater brand exposure. Using printed Christmas gifts to advertise your company gives you an edge over your competitors.

Here are a few ideas that will help you decide how to effectively promote your business over the holidays.

  • Christmas sweets and chocolate always go down a storm in the office during the holidays. Handing out confectionery will ensure your company name is fresh in the minds of your customers in the New Year. There are plenty of options available for budget-friendly promotions. Hot Chocolate Sachets branded with your logo are perfect for mailing campaigns. Small favours such as candy cane cards are also very popular. The novelty will help your company stand out from the crowd.
  • When it’s finally time to cut the turkey, your customers will require kitchen items such as oven gloves, aprons, and utensils. Brand with your logo or imprint to ensure your product is used throughout the season. Reindeer Nut Crackers are perfect for home promotions. These are great for handing out to clients as a unique thank you for all their business. Seasonal gifts such as Christmas decorations may not be used all year, but they have the potential to be used every year. They could become part of a tradition that lasts a lifetime.

Marketing at Christmas is a brilliant way to promote your company. Choose from Sweets, Kitchen items, Giveaways or Stationery to hand out to clients and staff members. Christmas is the time for giving and what better way to thank your clients than with a product branded with your logo.