Promotional Diaries

These promotional diaries offer great value and are a super giveaway and useful item to use to promote your company brand. Even today when we are so used to electronic diaries and mobile or tablet calendars, many people still use a diary for notes at meetings or just to separate out personal and business related matters. Our dairy range includes a range of styles and formats include desk and pocket diaries. Our covers can be branded with your logo and supplied ready for distribution well ahead of 2021. As we buy so many products like these we can often beat any quote so why not let us take care of your 2021 promotional campaign including sending them out to your clients for you? If you need a sample to see what we have done for other organisations please let us know.

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Diaries For Promotions

Why in the age of smart phones, tablets and online diaries are printed diaries still such a great giveaway? They continue to be great giveaways for exhibitions and marketing and somehow seem more personalised than many other promotional items.

Some people still like a diary whether it’s a pocket diary or a desktop version or something in between like and A5 or A4 diary. The diary allows them to make notes during meetings and events and simply jot down notes, facts, figures and dates for future events. They may well transfer these to an electronic diary at a later date but in the meantime they have a document in the form of a dairy page that they can refer to as and when they need to. With so many of us having such busy schedules a quick look up diary like these means that it is easy to monitor future appointments.

A branded diary need updating every year and for 2021 we have a very exciting range. They are almost addictive in that once you start to use a diary you look forward to receiving one for the following year. As we get so used to writing in them and referring back to the details we want to keep the format. That’s why it can be important to send your clients diary updates each year. This not only helps the clients but promotes your company or organisation every year and every day they are used.

Everything In A Diary

One thing that can be important is that you get the feel and size right for your clients. Some of our diary products can also be bundled with a pen or pencil for note taking and the pages can include a ‘to-do’ list that can be important for some of your clients.

We have one of the largest diary ranges in the industry and show a small selection here of our most popular 2021 pocket, A4, A5 and desk diaries. Everyone one can be branded with your logo and we offer both cream and white pages.

So let us make your next diary order hassle free. Simply contact us today and let us know what you need. If you cannot find the diary product you need for your promotion let us know and we will send you further examples or a free sample to show what has been done for other clients.