Promotional Hats

Promotional hats and branded baseball caps branded with your organisation’s logo are a great way to get seen when out and about and on the go. We have a wide selection of printed hats and branded caps to suit every size and usage. Our hats are comfortable to wear, made from the best materials, stylish and their quality means that they will last and provide a long term platform for your logo. We supply a range of styles and sizes including adult and children.

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Printed Hats and Baseball Caps

What makes hats and baseball caps so effective is that they can be used all year round whether it’s the summer or winter. Baseball caps are ideal for protecting from the sun and are especially important for people outdoors on a very hot day whether working engineers, delivery drivers or sports people such as golfers. Hats help to keep people warm in the winter as it is known that we lose the majority of our body heat through our heads. Imagine being outside on a winter’s night when it is really cold and not having a branded hat or printed baseball cap to keep you warm.

When it comes to choosing the right product we have a wide selection including shapes and designs, sizes and colours. We can apply your logo in a variety of ways including screen printing and embroidery and even product some fairly amazing print designs using some clever applications and techniques.

We make sure that we offer the most price competitive products in the industry and branded hats and embroidered or printed baseball caps are no exception. If you find a better price let us know and we will apply our Price Match guarantee. We want to help you promote your company or organisation and will all we can to make sure your order is hassle free.

For our hats and baseball caps Redbows has one goal and that is to make sure we provide you with the best possible products customised for the use you need them for, branded really well and at cost effective prices.

We have one of the best supply chains for hats and caps in the promotional merchandise industry and show in this collection a selection of what we can supply. If you cannot see the hat, sombrero, beanie, straw boater or cap that you need just give us a call and let us know what you need exactly. We will then send you further examples of what we can supply. We can also arrange samples to show you how we have applied logos and imprints for other clients. Through our design studio can send you a virtual visual showing how your logo will look on a selection of items. If you need some inspiration just let us know what your marketing campaign or usage is for and we will put our creative hats on a wizard up a selection of ideas.

We have supplied thousands of branded hats for all sorts of organisations and events including charities, marathons, hiking and general workwear. We can help you select the right material and design to not only show off your logo but make sure the hats are suitable for their usage and comfortable.

So no matter what type you are looking for you can rest assured that we will have the right type of hat or cap, made from cotton, cotton twill, synthetic, knitted and wool materials. All of the highest quality and ready for us to brand with your logo. If you need a 3D embroidered design we can also supply this from our novelty baseball caps range.

When you are ready please send us your artwork and we will provide you with a visual. Select the product you want and we will confirm a quotation to you based on your artwork design and colours. When you have placed your order we will generate an order acknowledgement and provide an artwork sign-off form. Once accepted we will then put your order into production and a few days later you will receive your branded hats or caps. Post delivery we will send you a request for a review and hopefully we have done what we have done thousands of times; excelled and created another very happy client for Redbows.

So you are in good hands. Let us take the hassle out of the process for you. Let us source your products, brand them and make sure you get the branded hats and caps you need for your promotional event.