Promotional Paper Clips

Promotional paper clips are a great stationery item to use when sending out information to clients or prospects including letters and brochures. We supply a range of different sizes and colours any of which are ideal for printing your logo and brand onto.

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Bespoke and Custom Paper Clips

Paper clips have become one of the staple stationery items found in almost nearly every office no matter where. We all tend to have a few paper clips close to hand ready to attach papers together or clip some other items together.

Promotional paper clips give you the option to add a brand to your paper clips and use these to promote your business or organisation. A branded paper clip can look great when you are sending out letters, leaflets, brochures and papers to clients all clipped together with a product that will reinforce your branding and show you are doing just that little bit more than the competition to impress them and create the right impression.

Did you know that the first paper clip was invested in 1867 by Samuel B Fay for the purpose of attaching production paper tickets to fabrics and not actually for the purpose we use them today? It was then in the 1870s that the invention came to Great Britain and from that time on we have got used to the metal type of paper clip we know so well today.

Plastic paper clips are what has transformed this basic office product. Plastic give us the opportunity to manufacture a paper clip with a larger print area onto which we can print your logo and marketing message. Another spin-off product is the paper clip block or triangle which can be used to keep paper clips together and especially metal ones if the block or triangle is magnetised.

So paper clips are a great invention and one we can easily use as promotional merchandise. All we need is your artwork and to know which one of our paper clip products you want us to print onto .We can then show you how this will look with your artwork through our design studio who will generate a virtual visual or we can send you a sample of the products we have supplied to other clients.

When you are ready we confirm prices, lead times and any other items we need to before you place you order. Your chosen paper clip product is then pulled from stock and transferred to our printers for your imprint to be applied. As these are small products, expect them to be put in quantity into bags which are then placed in cardboard boxes for easy transportation and storage.

Don’t forget that with plastic paper clips we offer a range of colour options and can often Pantone match to one of the colours in your corporate brand or provide a contrasting background for your logo to really stand out on. Otherwise you will need to consider a negative version of your logo for example a white logo to print on a dark background.

If you need a custom or bespoke paper clip we can look to have this made just for you. The extra costs incurred for this type of project can include design and moulding as well as tooling. The unit cost to manufacture can also be higher if the manufacturing run is not high enough. You do end up with a truly unique product however.

When you are ready to order your promotional paper clips for your next marketing promotion let us know and let us show you why we are trusted upon by so many organisations to look after their promotional stationery and giveaway items like these.