Promotional Plastic Mugs

Branded plastic mugs provide a great way to promote your organisation when you need to use a mug but want one that can be used at outdoor events, when hiking or camping or wnat a mug that you can use safely indoors with children such as in school or club environment. These plastic mugs come in a range of sizes and colours and all can be branded with your logo and imprint. Plastic mugs like these are easy to clean and store and are an ideal low-cost alternative to a ceramic or porcelain mug. From our Eco collection We can also offer eco-friendly plastic mugs made from recycled plastic.

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Promotional Plastic Mugs

Plastic mugs and cups come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and the Americano range has proved one of the most popular due to the wide variety we offer and the range of customisation options.

The Americano Mug is a double-walled durable design with a large range of colour choices, a large branding area for a mug and an imprint that can take up to six spot colours. The Americano mug is also available with a silicon grip and is top-rack dishwasher proof, microwave safe and BPA free.

Eco Plastic Mugs

If you want to consider an environmentally friendly plastic mug for your promotion please see our ECO mugs range where we offer mugs made from recycled plastics.

Please let us know if you would like a visual showing you how your logo would look on any of these mugs. All we need is your logo.

What Does Dishwasher Safe Mean?

Dishwasher safe means that the mugs have been treated at some stage of the plastic process to ensure that they can withstand the prolonged higher temperatures of a dishwasher and when used with dishwasher type detergents so that the plastic is not damaged.

How Are Promotional Plastic Mugs Made Dishwasher Safe?

It is not the final item like a plastic mug or cup that is made dishwasher safe but the plastic that the mug or cup is made from. The plastic used for dishwasher safe mugs and cups has a higher melting point that then temperatures during a dishwasher cycle. If the plastic used were to have a lower melting point than the dishwasher temperature then the item could melt or break up inside the dishwasher during a cycle leading to damage to the machine itself.

Dishwasher Proof Glass

Most glass products are generally able to deal with the high temperatures of a dishwasher. This is because most glass is ‘annealed’ during its manufacturing process. Annealed means allowed to cool slowly to remove stresses within the structure of the final glass and making it better tolerant of higher temperatures. Glass can also be ‘tempered’ which uses thermal or chemical process to make it harder or stronger. Most kitchenware and drinkware items made from glass often also undergo a milder form of ‘tempering’ referred to as ‘heat strengthening’ which can make it over twice as resilient as annealing.

Dishwasher Proof Ceramics

Ceramics are made dishwasher safe using a similar process to glass. Ceramic is of course a different material and ceramic mugs and other ceramic kitchenware are also glazed in a furnace which can also strengthen them.