Promotional Sweet Tins

Promotional sweet tins are a great marketing idea for promoting your organisation and giving away branded sweets in a tin that will store the sweets and carry your logo and imprint. We offer several different types of sweet tin and each will have a number of fillings to give you the widest choice available for your promotion. Our print methods include single colour to full digital print which gives you the scope to use these promotional sweet tins in a variety of ways including giveaways for weddings and parties as well as in restaurants and hotels and at exhibitions and seminars.

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Sweet Tin Branding

The promotional sweet tins we use can take an imprint applied directly to their surface or have a printed domed label applied. The tins may also be available in several colours so please ensure you select the right colour if ordering on-line.

Each of the tins shown will have either a specific sweet filling or offer a range of options that you can choose from. These can range from mint imperials to polos, skittles and smarties to jelly babies and sugar-free sweets using Dextrose as a sweetener. We can also provide alternative sweet fillings as well as other snack items.

If you cannot find the shape or style or colour of tin you are looking for. We may be able to source one through our supply chain or have one made specific your order including variants in size and storage capacity as well as shape.

Promotional sweet tins like these provide a great way to promote your organisation. They may be kept afterwards as keepsakes, reused for other storage purposes or recycled. As well as used within corporate marketing we also supply these tins for weddings and parties, and to the hotel and restaurant industry. The usage is exactly the same; to provide clients and visitors with something to take away from the premises and provide a refreshing mint or sweet treat.

Sweet Fillings

There are so many sweets that you can choose from to fill promotional sweet tins. Here is a selection of some typical sweets that have proved popular with clients in previous marketing campaigns:

  • Beanies are candy coated chocolates beans available in a range of 12 colours to match corporate company logos. Choose a mix of colours or the colour that best matches your logo and then select a container for your budget and campaign needs.
  • Gourmet beans from the Jelly Bean Factory, available in 38 flavours and colours. The Jelly Bean Factory product has no artificial flavours or colours and is suitable for vegetarians and is Kosher and Halal approved.
  • Mints helps to refresh. Our range of bags, pots and tins, digitally printed in full colour cannot fail to make the right impression.
  • Sweets are perfect for promotional campaigns and always go down well. We have quite a range including firm Retro favourites, Swirly lolly pops, Travel Sweets and Luck Bags.
  • For Biscuits and Snacks we have delicious butter shortbread biscuits and classic Maryland Cookies. All our biscuits can be supplied as single items in a digitally printed and personalised bag.
  • Our chocolates selection includes a range of favourite brands including Cadbury and Lilly O’Brien. We have foil wrapped chocolates and individually wrapped chocolates for your chosen personalised packaging.
  • We can also supply packaged confectionery items themed for Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween and Christmas.

For more information on the sweets and tin fillings we supply please contact us and let us know if you need alternative options.