A Guide To Giving GIveaways

Just consider the effect that a new batch of promotional gifts can generate within an office environment. When gifts of any sort turn-up, people are naturally inquisitive and want to take a look. This means that if you can find the ‘corporate gifts champion’ within any business, then they are the ones who always manage to have the latest gadgets, pens, mouse mats, calendars, diaries, umbrellas and mugs available.

Giving promotional gifts is a corporate PR activity and can dramatically boost people’s recognition and awareness about an organisation. Some gifts are disposable or have a short life span but others can demonstrate longevity. Wall clocks for example, ring binders and even flash drives (USB memory sticks) are examples of corporate gifts that can be around long after a promotion and sometimes for several months if not years.

Another facet of corporate gifts is that they are advertisements right where you want them – within the corporate environment. Even more so this idea can be expanded to include promotional clothing and corporate workwear like fleeces, t-shirts and caps. Consider outside events such as exhibitions, trade shows, conferences, road shows and activity days and the potential to use corporate gifts for general PR and advertising becomes even greater.

Some companies tend to use corporate gifts sporadically. This can work fine for short-term promotions but the benefit of corporate gift giving is that it can have a cumulative effect. Giving corporate gifts not only helps to reinforce current advertising and PR programs but can be a widely anticipated activity amongst a client base itself. There are some natural ‘sweat’ spots in the corporate calendar that fit certain corporate gifts – think Easter and Christmas and the use of chocolate Easter eggs or advent calendars. However you could also consider the wider the annual calendar and look for other opportunities to tie in corporate gifts to an event and promotion – stress busters perhaps as the children break up for the school holidays, branded lip balms or backpacks and umbrellas.

The key is to be creative when it comes to corporate gifts and to think laterally. Never knock the crazy ideas on the head first as in marketing they are the ones that can deliver the best results.