Working Your Call To Action

In advertising we always talk about the Call To Action or CTA as it is known for short. To marketers it’s the final piece of an advert, after the headline, copy and offer that leads the target audience to make a specific action. This could include to make a phone call, visit a website or complete some other response mechanism.

Writing CTAs is both artwork and science. Get it right and you can dramatically improve the response rates but get it wrong and the Call To Action can be a real negative. Now when it comes to promotional gifts do we have a CTA? Well we do but it is far more subliminal and in your face.

In the world of promotional marketing, your artwork will be made up generally of your logo, a slogan, contact number, email and/or website address. On most products it is just a logo, contact number and website address and together these form your CTA. They tell your client where to get more information on the company, organisation and brand. Even the products you choose to put your artwork onto reinforce the Call To Action, in shape, colour, print area and functionality.

So when it comes to promotional marketing, think Call To Action as you would with any other element from the marketing communications mix.