Getting Your Content Strategy On Message

Social Media Content Marketing

These days the buzz-words in marketing all seem to centre around big data, social media and content marketing. When you drill down though, all we are actually talking about is marketing in its basic form; getting the right message, to the right audience and at the right time.

Whatever you publish, be it on your website, on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn or your printed brochures, we recommend a Zen like approach. First of all you must have set marketing objectives that are measurable and that you can measure any piece of content to be published against. Does the content contribute towards meeting your marketing objectives? Yes – carry on, No and it’s time to go back to the keyboard.

You see it is all too easy to publish content that is ‘off-message’. Just look at the problems some MPs have as they push out a Tweet late at night that in the morning looks very much off-message and just ever so slightly emboldened with perhaps a little to much over indulgence.

Get your marketing objectives in place and develop your key messages. These for example could hinge around demonstrating customer service and innovation. Then ask yourself whether each piece of content generated demonstrates or reinforces one or both of these differentiators.

What the market and your stakeholders then see is a consistency within the messages being published. Whether this is a space advert, editorial, press release, blog, Tweet or other form of social media post. The cumulative effect of this over time is to build an ever-growing image of your organisation and the key messages that it wants to put out.

At Redbows, our marketing services team has developed a number of key skills in strategy development, content generation and its integration into a highly effective marketing communications mix. If you want to find out more please do contact us on 0800 158 3080 or email us at marketing[@]redbows.co.uk