How The Internet Changed Advertising

Redbows Google Adwords Professionals

Some of our marketing team remember the good old days of advertising agencies. You generated a marketing brief and gave this to an advertising agency who came back with black board scamps of the type of adverts they believed you should run. For many companies and organisations, this meant space advertising in relevant magazines and publications with only larger organisations able to afford the spends required for effective and TV and radio advertising.

How times have changed. A little clichéd but true. Google transformed the advertising industry with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. Originally created as a way to generate revenue for Google, Adwords has become one of the most important advertising and strategic tools available to any organisation. As a note remember that Google has never charged for its search results or to be included within them. Adwords PPC advertising is a different matter.

So how does traditional advertising compare with Adwords advertising. There are some essential common areas. The most important from a marketing point of view is to know your audience and target market. For Google Adwords this means some additional research in the are of keywords and keyword phrases that your potential prospects use to find information on the goods or services they want to buy. Google can help here in several ways. Adwords has a keyword research tool and Google itself always shows examples of similar keyword phrases at the footer of any search results.

From a creative point of view, it is then important to create an advert and landing page on your website. Both of these must be relevant to the search query in order to achieve the highest possible Quality Score. Another metric generated by Google, your keyword Quality Score affects how much you pay for a click on your advert and how often it is displayed. This is all part of the continuous auction that Google runs every time someone search for a keyword or phrase.

Now as important as Quality Score and Keyword Research is the type of keyword matching you choose to use for your keyword. Google offers several Match types including: Phrase, Broad and Exact. Which one you choose depends on how well you know your target audience and how much reach you want to them. The Match types really do allow you to think a little but wider and outside the box.

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