All The Right ‘Marketing’, In All The Right Places

So what’s internet marketing all about these days? For many trying to get up to speed with an ever-evolving world of marketing data and algorithm changes it can seem an impossible task for business owners to address without a clear understanding of the latest Google approach.

I’ve been working through a number of internet marketing projects for businesses recently and have been trying to define exactly what Google is looking for in a very distilled way. The other day I was listening to a very catchy tune that I decided to use as a source of inspiration. You can probably hear it now if you look at this blog title again.

Your see business internet marketing is changing. Google leads the way and constantly updates the algorithm it uses to determine the best results to show you. Yes that is all Google wants to do, be the best search engine and deliver you the best results. Now this is not as easy as it sounds because over the years SEO companies have become adept at ‘spamming’ to get the results clients wants.

How does Google respond? With Penguin and Panda updates to penalise websites for poor linking strategies. What is a penalty I hear you ask? Well imagine applying a break whilst trying to accelerate. What Google does with a spam penalty is apply a break that stops your website appearing in the top search results until you disavow the poor links. Even then it can take another algorithm update before the penalty is removed.

Now back to the marketing bumps. So on a more positive note Google expands its algorithm to look for brands and the signals that demonstrate a great brand within the sphere of the search term being uses. The right bumps are a range of markers that a well marketed company would use including social media signals such as how often a company is mentioned and uses social media channels to engage with its clients.

Another fast growing example is reviews. Does the company have a review section on its website for testimonials and use a third party review service. Again if it does we know that over 30 positive reviews is a signal for Google to include a star-rating in that company’s Google Adwords feed. It’s also a signal to Google that that company is trying to be the best it can be and has happy clients. Other signals will include mentions of the company in digital media, through advertising, editorial and press releases.

So Google is looking to see all the right marketing bumps, in all the right places. If you need help getting them there come and talk to Redbows and see what our promotional and marketing services can do for your company.