How To Make The Smallest Adverts Work

So the latest ‘buzz’ question for techie lovers is: should you get an Apple Watch? I’m all for technology but wonder if we are just taking being constantly available and on demand a little too far. People tell me that you need an Apple Watch so you don’t have to look at your phone and to have Apps more integrated into your life. For me this poses to questions. Firstly we all need downtime and if I am in a meeting with a client or anyone else for that matter, I don’t really want anything to distract me or them. Secondly, I am not so sure that I want to know exactly how many hours I slept or the number of steps I took and their calorific burn ratio. For me technology has to add to my lifestyle and improve it.

Sometimes less is actually more. This is an old advertising maxim that we used to use when clients wanted to cram every bit of white space in an advert with images, messages, call to actions, offers and so on. They were paying for the space and so thought they should include the most opportunities to generate an action and sale. Of course in doing so the impact of the main headline and image was lost. There was no flow to the advertisement and the viewer was left confused. You see in advertising you have to have that visual element that triggers the brain to want to investigate further. Then you guide the eye down through the advert (left to right) to a call to action.

Now exactly the same can be said for promotional gifts. It’s especially important when you have an imprint area that is quite small. The smaller the space the greater your attention has to focus on getting the impact just right. Just look at Twitter and how we have become more used to writing 140 characters or less Tweets that get our message across. With your imprint think about that space and exactly what is the most important, attention grabbing item that needs to be there and what response do you want to generate.

Promotional gifts do vary in imprint areas but the smaller the merchandise the smaller the available imprint. Get it right and you are well onto the way to promoting your company. It’s all about optimizing the advertising space you have and giving it have impact. For more information see our Artwork Guide or call us on 0800 158 3080. If you use our enquiry form we have a section where you can upload your logo or artwork; to use that’s a useful use of technology!