The Evolution of Promotional Baseball Caps

Promotional Baseball Caps*have become an everyday wear item and are often used casually. To be classified as a baseball cap it should be soft cap with a long, stiff brim, either curved or flat, with a rear panel, plastic, Velcro or plastic adjuster that allows the cap to be easily fitted to the wearer.

Traditionally used by US baseball players, the brim of baseball caps was used to shield the player’s eyes from the sun. More common these days is to wear the cap in this way but often modern trends have seen the typical baseball cap worn with the rim at the rear or even side of the head – common with most hip-hop stars. In some gang environments how you wear your cap denotes which gang you belong to. The rear facing cap was commonly used by baseball catchers who could not have a forward facing cap due to their protective visors.

The humble baseball cap originated around 1860 when the Brooklyn Excelsiors wore the first caps. By 1900 the ‘Brooklyn style’ had become the accepted norm. The baseball cap brim has become longer over the years and in the 1940s latex rubber was used to stiffen the brim cloth material and the hat itself to prove the stiffness associated with the modern version. These days card is typically used.

As a sports-related item, baseball caps carried their team’s logo and name and for this reason baseball caps are one of the earliest promotional products. Their manufacture normally includes six panels sewn together with a crown button. Metal grommets and fabric eyelets are often used to allow air into the panels and cool the wearer.

Sizing for baseball caps has been simplified over the years from being based on standard hat sizes, to a general size, thanks to the rear adjuster strap and stretchable sizes using Lycra and rubber. Sports is not the only areas associated with baseball caps. Some military and government police forces use baseball caps as part of their uniforms.

As a promotional gift, baseball caps act as a form of corporate workwear and can be great at sporting events, outdoor and other company activities. The most common form of personalisation for promotional baseball caps is embroidery – with a logo and marketing slogan embroidered onto the side or brim of the baseball cap. Screen printing is also popular but not as effective as promotional baseball caps are after all a type of premium promotional gift.