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Promotional Earphones

Promotional earphones are one of those gadgets whose appeal continues to grow we use mobile phones, tablets and laptops for leisure as well as work. Whether it’s taking call, listening to music, watching a film or taking part in a webinar or online conference, earphones ehance the audible sound can help to reduce or eliminate background noise.

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Branded Earphones

With more people using earphones there has never been a better time to offer such a useful piece of promotional merchandise. These types of gadgets let people retreat into their own space to listen to Apps running on their mobiles or tablets or even laptop and desktop PCs. There is a greater trend for this whilst travelling to work, in office lunch breaks or outside during leisure and sporting activities. In our view this all contributes towards a greater wellbeing and mindfulness for those that practice this.

We have included several different sizes and shapes of earphone and headphone in this collection to show examples of what is available. There are others and if you need more examples or want to match up with another product please let us know. We can source more through our supply chain and our in-house gadgets team has extensive experience working on marketing promotions with gadgets like these.

All we need for a visual is your artwork and our Design Studio can show you how your logo and imprint could look on one of these stunning devices.