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Promotional flash drives from the Redbows collection of everyday, essential business corporate gifts. Click on the any of the personalised flash drives shown below to see further details, personalisation options and pricing. Prices include branding with your imprint and logo. Promotional USB flash drives marked “POA” are priced on application. Plain stock flash drives can also be supplied.

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The Redbows Guide to buying Promotional USB Flash Drives

Personalised Promotional USB Flashdrives

Promotional USB Flashdrives are also known as “flash drives” or “memory sticks”. These gadgets make really useful promotional gifts and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They also offer a host of imprint options. Flash drives and memory sticks are great giveaway gifts. They have a high-end, premium worth and are commonly found accessory within most offices and organisations in general. Whilst they can be perceived as expensive, the reality is that their pricing is volume dependent. Additional unit costs (over more traditional gifts) are more than offset by their usefulness and the branding opportunities they offer.

As with other promotional gifts there are some fundamentals to cover but there are also some more specific issues to address. The Redbows range of flash drives includes:

  • Express Delivery Flashdrives
  • Environmentally Friendly Flashdrives
  • Formats – Card, Flip, Lanyard, Pen, Twister, Wristband Flashdrives
  • Materials – Leather, Metal, Plastic, Rubber, Wood Flashdrives
  • Shaped – Custom Flashdrives

The most popular flash drives by volume and cost are metal cased, Aluminium flashdrives. These offer a great imprint area and the option of colour coded plastic sides. Whatever the flashdrive type chosen the following should be considered:

  • Format: the list above shows the various physical formats available. This is an important consideration because the easier the flashdrive is to carry the more it will get used and the more its personalised branding will be seen. Cards can sip into a shirt pocket (or wallet), pens are ideal for jackets, lanyards are obviously designed to be worn as are wristband flashdrives. Age of the target audience may also affect choice, with many schools and colleges opting for wristband flashdrives at the moment.
  • Materials: important consideration should be given to the materials. This can affect cost and the longevity of the memory stick. Metal lasts but requires a sealed screen print or laser engraved imprint. Leather has a high quality feel to it and requires an embossed imprint for maximum effect. With any flashdrive think through whether it will be carried in a pocket with coins or keys that could wear away at the flashdrive imprint.
  • Size: flashdrives are generally available from 64MB up to 8GB and over. 8GB is a very large sized device, equivalent to the smallest Apple iPhone or iPod Touch and so has massive storage potential. The most popular size for a flashdrive is typically 1GB.
  • Data Upload: it is possible for a small set up cost to have data uploaded to a flashdrive before delivery. This can be useful for clients who want to distribute company presentations and leaflets for conferences and tradeshows.
  • Bespoke Design: low volume plastic moulding costs have fallen considerably and it is possible to consider bespoke, custom designed flashdrives in small volumes. Often this type of memory stick can be a specific shape to suit a promotion or even the company logo itself.

General Branded Personalised Flashdrive Considerations and Memory Stick Options

Delivery Timescales
Most flashdrives are available within five to ten working days. Express delivery items are generally available within three to five working days. The most popular flashdrives are stocked in the UK with other models and larger volumes manufactured in the Far East to order. Typically imprint lead times are dependent upon whether air or sea freight logistics are used and can run up to four weeks or longer.

Environmentally Friendly Pencils
It is possible to add an ECO edge to a flashdrive promotion but this is in the form of the case used which can be made from recycled plastics, sustainable managed woodlands or produce local to the manufacturing plants such as bamboo.

Typical order quantities are 250 pieces with some flashdrives available in quantities as low as 50 pieces. This is very much dependent upon whether stock is held locally or brought in from China.

Pricing is volume dependent. However, prices do fluctuate daily and are linked to the price of memory chips and the US Dollar exchange rate.

Plain Stock Flashdrives
Plain stock is available for clients who want to carry out their own branding. These can then be engraved, embossed, screen-printed or have a bubble dome label applied as required..

Branding and Personalisation
The most popular type of branding is screen-printing. The branding technique is very much dependent upon the flashdrive case and its material. Some flashdrives require a laser engraved imprint or a bubble dome label. Also important to consider is how the flashdrive is used in relation to the side chosen for imprint. For example, you may want to ensure that your flashdrive is printed logo side up when in use.

Bespoke, Custom and Novelty Flash Drives
Standard and bespoke or custom novelty flash drives are available. Most do not incur a premium in cost thanks to investments in low volume production systems. For a custom design, expect a moulding fee in additional to any further volume related costs.

Flashdrives are generally supplied bubble wrapped and bulk packed. It is possible to order then individually packaged in gift boxes, with additional features such as a lanyard, keyring and pouch.

Please let us know if you think we need to add anything further to this guide – email our marketing team.

Further Information On Branded Flash Drives

If you cannot find the flash drives or memory sticks you want let our account managers source them for you. Please complete our enquiry form or email us or call our team on 0800 158 3080.

When you imprint your company’s logo on a USB drive you have the ability to advertise and promote your company using the hottest promotional product on the market today. The era of the Flash Drive is very much prominent in a world that’s blooming in technology stakes! With the large amount of necessary documents, high tech tablets, media, and other content you may have, it’s much more convenient to store your information on a USB drive instead of having to take your computer or laptop with you wherever you go. Giving a client a useful item that will be used time and time again will certainly score bonus points for your brand and budding relationship.

Having a portable drive to take with you either attached to your keychain or wallet simplifies your life and gives you the ability to easily access your own files as well as share them with others wherever a computer can be found. With a lot of business goers constantly travelling, having easy access to important information is paramount. Associating your brand with an item that will be constantly used will ensure maximum brand exposure. For a generation of professionals today, there is just nothing more useful than this device when it comes to convenience.

It’s a good business tactic to give away promotional USB flash drives on a marketing campaign. Instead of handing out pamphlets or business cards containing your company’s details, consider investing a little more money and distribute something that everybody can really want and finds useful. Because it’s one of the most utilitarian devices nowadays, you have a certainty that nobody will ignore it and just toss it into the trash can. Whether it’s at home or at a workplace, a flash-drive is a coveted gift. If you distribute one of these drives with your imprinted company logo to reward or thank employees or potential clients, there is a high possibility that you’ll be rewarded with the supreme good will of the recipients in return.