Promotional Ice Scrapers

These branded ice scrapers are just the job on a frosty morning for removing ice and snow from a car windscreen. They have a great branding area and are available in a range of sizes. We can also supply custom shaped ice scrapers manufactured to your design.

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Winter Promotions Using Promotional Ice Scrapers

Few promotional products are as versatile and useful in the winter months as branded ice scrapers. They really come into their own during the cold spells, as road-safety becomes an even more important issue, and people look to avoid motoring mishaps involving icy windows!

Ice scrapers are, of course, popular with car related companies, but they are also very effective promotional gifts for other types of business, and in a range of scenarios. It is important to impress new customers with your generous and caring brand image as soon as possible in your early relationship. A freebie that says I care always goes the extra mile because ice-scrapers are so important for safety, you can distinguish yourself from other companies.

Many ice scrapers have a flat profile, so are a great low cost ideal item for direct mail. If your insurance company or car accessory business is running an offer or has some important industry news to share, sending out mailers to clients can be a great way to let them know. Many ice scrapers have a flat profile, making them ideal for including in direct mail. If your insurance company or car accessory business is running an offer or has some important industry news to share, sending out mailers to clients can be a great way to let them know.

To make that extra impression why not give away a credit card sized ice scraper in replacement of a business card with your details. Useful and practical, it will ensure your recipient doesn’t end up throwing a piece of card that serves no purpose as at times they can be easily lost and forgotten about among other cards in a wallet or holder.

Product Selection

When it comes to winter motoring ice scrapers branded with your logo provide a great opportunity to provide your clients with a great product and advertise your business. This is one of these functional gifts that will be kept for years to come. Always on hand when needed and especially on those cold, frosty or snowy mornings or evenings.

We do supply a wide range of ice scrapers ranging from smaller triangular shaped ones to more traditional ones with a handle. Each of them has a great
branding area where we can apply your imprint and logo. As well as difference shapes and styles we also offer a number of different colours. What you can end up with is an ice scraper that will provide a super backdrop for your logo and compliment your marketing campaign.

Printing onto ice scrapers is typically done with a screen print and most clients opt for a one or two colour imprint. That is not to say that you cannot have more colours but one to two is the norm.

In terms of delivery we can supply personalised ice scrapers within a very short lead time with most products having a 5 or 10 working day lead time. Please remember that this is from artwork sign off. Once you sign off your artwork approval the clock is running and our print team is drawing stock from their warehouse to put into the print room to apply your imprint.

The minimum order for a printed item is 25 pieces and this is at a very reasonable unit price. Remember our Price Match promise however as we will not be beaten on price. We look to build relationships with clients and support their marketing for years to come. We know that once you have worked with Redbows we will be first on your list when it comes to a repeat order or different product for another campaign.

If you still need some assistance in choosing the right ice scraper for your promotion then please do get in touch and one of our team will be glad to help you select the right product and run you through the order process, lead times and logistics. If you want, we can also look at multiple location dispatches for you as part of our fulfillment process or advice on other products to bundle with your ice scraper to build up a car kit. We have a number of other car related giveaway items that you might like to consider.

Overall ice scrapers are one of our most popular winter giveaways. We have supplied many leading car related organisations but the product itself doesn’t have to be related specifically to a motoring campaign. Insurance and health and safety companies, consultants and engineering companies have all used this product to promote their services and support their marketing campaign.