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Promotional Keyrings from the Redbows collection of everyday, essential business corporate gifts. Click on the any of the key rings shown below to see further details, personalisation options and pricing. Prices include branding with your imprint and logo. Promotional key rings and key fobs marked “POA” are priced on application. Plain stock key rings can also be supplied.

The Promotional Key Fobs and Keyrings Buyers Guide

When considering Promotional Keyrings and Keyfobs there are a number of options to consider. As with most promotional gifts, keyrings and keyfobs are available in a wide range of materials, shapes and sizes, and with several imprint options. In the Redbows keyrings collection we have grouped the wide selection of products we offer into six categories:

  • ECO Environmentally Friendly Key rings
  • Fun and Novelty Key rings
  • Gadget Key rings
  • Leather Key rings
  • Metal Key rings
  • Plastic Key rings

Environmentally Friendly Keyrings

ECO Keyrings are available alternative to traditional plastic keyrings and are made from recycled plastics including trays and drinks cups.

Order Quantities

Within each section keyrings and keyfobs are available for personalisation and typical minimum order quantities start at 250 pieces, though some are available at 100 pieces.

Unit and Volume Pricing

Budget is off course a major consideration in the purchase of any promotional gifts and it is important to remember that most promotional keyrings and keyfobs have a small unit cost. This is especially true of plastic keyrings but may not be so true when it comes to gadget keyrings due to their more complex nature.

Keyring Delivery Timescales

Most keyrings and keyfobs are available within a relatively short time period of ten working days. For certain products within our collection, express delivery times are available of three to five working days. For a small selection of products a 24 hour service may be available at time of order. Larger quantities may be shipped from UK plain stock warehouses for personalisation or be brought into the country from a volume manufacturer. Off course an import shipment will take longer to deliver, dependent upon the volume and shipment method which could be air or sea freight.

Plain Stock and Blank Keyrings

Redbows supplies plain stock pricing on request. Fulfillment takes place from one of our manufacturer’s depots direct to your door. The products can then be used as plain stock or personalised for a client.

Additional Features and Functionality

Whilst a personalised keyfob is a great branding device in its own right, adding additional functionality and features to a keyfob may help to increase its worth to a client. Popular gadgets include bottle openers, USB flash drives and during the autumn and winter months a flashlight.

Branding and Personalisation

A key factor to consider is how to brand and personalise your chosen keyrings or keyfobs. This is very much dependent upon the design. Some keyrings have printed paper inserts. Others are designed for a screen print imprint. Metal keyrings tend to last best when laser engraved and leather keyrings suit an embossed imprint. What one has to remember is usability. Keys do tend to scratch and scrape an imprint and for this reason screen printing unless of a high standard and possibly sealed, may prove the least hard waring.

Bespoke and Custom Keyrings

Whilst Redbows supplies a wide range of promotional keyrings and keyfobs, clients do ask for bespoke and custom designs. These are generally in the form of a custom plastic mould to match their logo or marketing tagline. Volume is always a relevant factor to consider here as is budget and the design and purchase of a custom designed mould. If the production volume is high a relatively low unit cost can be achieved and overall project costs will reduce if repeat orders are placed.

Novelty Keyrings

Digital Photo Keyrings are certainly in vogue but their usefulness depends upon the quality of the battery included and usage. A novelty key ring may well have a high impact when first delivered but may not have the longevity often associated with such products. Coin keyrings offer similar benefits but with the additional feature of enamel coatings which tend to be harder waring.

Key Fob Packing

In general promotional keyrings are supplied bulk packed in boxes. This is suitable for mass distribution. More expensive types may be individually boxed or bubble wrapped to prevent damage in transit.

When we want a promotional giveaway to make maximum impact, we want an item that is going to last. Promotional key fobs and keyrings are one of the most commonly used types of promotional merchandise for use as giveaways. Key fobs can functional as key holders and also provide a gadget-like function like a calculator, bottle opener, or small torch. Whatever you choose you can rest assured that Redbows will be able to provide you with a cost-effective solution.