Celebrate Your New Logo this Summer

Have you been looking for a way to come up with a new logo for your company? Do you like the idea of getting your employees involved in the company and making them feel like they are a part of the bigger picture rather than just a number on your payroll? Here is a great way to promote your company and make your employees feel like they are a large part of it all at the same time.

Announce to your employees that you are looking for a new logo. Make sure you specify what kind of customers you are trying to attract with the logo as well as the direction you want the company to go in. Offer your employees a chance to participate in the process of designing the logo. Run a contest that allows employees to each contribute at least one idea or design for the logo. Set specific parameters so that your employees know what is expected from them and how perhaps it could be used on marketing materials and promotional merchandise.

As you are waiting for the outcome of the contest, browse through the product line from the Redbows Essential Corporate Gifts website. Choose some fun summer products that will help you and your employees celebrate the new logo design. If you want to promote green living, choose from our ECO line of products that include t-shirts, polo shirts, and other items. If you want to promote a healthy, active lifestyle, choose from our summer wear that include flip flops, beach bags, cotton caps, sunglasses, and more.

Finally, when you choose the winning logo, let us know what it is so we can get the products to you. Share them with your employees and offer the winning employee and exceptional package that he or she will be proud to use simply because it will be their design they are showing off this summer!