No Minimum Merchandise Website Is Ideal For Small Businesses

Small Business and Consumer Confidence Is High

Marketing Week reports that UK consumer confidence is at an all-time high as we come to the end of 2015. This is most welcome news and no more so than in the world of marketing and promotions.

Consumer confidence leads to increased business and that means more companies and organisations investing in the promotion and marketing of their businesses. What we have noticed is however is that the typical consumer is now more ‘savvy’ than ever and wants to get the best value for their budget. Not only that but there are more and more smaller business start-ups emerging in the UK and these are the companies that could turn into the large corporations of tomorrow. Some may be able to scale quickly whilst others may take a longer route to success. What they need is access to promotional gifts and at the prices their budget will allow and at the quantities that make sense for their size and business stage life-cycle.

This is where our no-minimum promotional gifts website will come into its own in 2016. Recently launched as PromoteYourself.co.uk, this latest website from Redbows is built on a complex website architecture that allows visitors to select products, upload artwork, view visuals and place their order on line. The quantity they can order as a minimum is one item and prices are quantity discounted for larger volumes. We’ve also used the latest print technology to make this happen with digital print being offered on the products and merchandise and with a fast turnaround for quick deliveries.

The range of products available from our no minimum promotional gifts website is quite staggering. It covers the merchandise range any start-up business or small organisation could want for any event or marketing campaign. The website is also useful for individuals and small clubs and societies – anyone who needs a very low quantity of printed merchandise branded with their artwork.

For more information on our promotional and marketing services please call us on 0800 158 3080. We thank all our clients for a superb year and look forward to working with you in the new year. Have a great Christmas and best wishes for 2016.