The January Promotional Market Audit - Time To Clear Out The Cupboard

January Promotional Marketing Audits

Welcome back to work and the start of another amazing year. We are so pleased to be back for the New Year and have an amazing new catalogue for 2016. We will be mailing out hard copies soon and the electronic ‘flip’ version is not far away.

So it’s January. What marketing activities do you normally carry out at the start of a new year? If you’re an internet marketer you will be reviewing all your online spends everyday, of course, through your various analytics programs and tools. For more traditional marketing communications you probably have other tracking mechanisms in place which will feed into an overview marketing audit for the past year. Now, just where do you place promotional merchandise?

Well one of the best things you can do in January is to review what’s left in the merchandise cupboard. There should be next to zero but it’s not uncommon to find a little excess promotional gifts stock occasionally. The question is what to do with it. If the gifts are not time or campaign dependent or perishables (food stuff) then you could look to hand them out to clients, prospects, employees and suppliers as a final stock push in January. As well as identifying any excess promotional merchandise stock, also remember to review those items that you don’t have left. Use our annual promotional gifts audit as part of your marketing audit

Annual Promotional Merchandise Review

The following list is not exhaustive and can be tailored to your organisation, marketing communications program(s) and objectives.

  1. Stock: what’s left over from last year and how can you use it up?
  2. Exhibitions/Events: what have you got planned this year?
  3. Products: which merchandise worked well and would you repeat order
  4. Pricing: how much budget do you have for your merchandise?
  5. Print Areas: did you maximize print areas on the gifts you used?
  6. Colours: will your logo or colours change in the near future?
  7. Distribution: when and how will you send out your gifts?
  8. Promotions: do you have any product or service launches?
  9. Trends: what industry trends do you want to tap into this year?
  10. Corporate Workwear: is it time to refresh employee workwear?
  11. Presentations: don’t forget that with our new no minimum website we can now offer single one-off printed gifts ideal for high profile presentations, tenders and sales meeting – PromoteYourself.co.uk

We hope the above gives you some ideas and inspiration for 2016! Call us on 0800 158 3080 to discuss how Redbows can help your marketing communications and promotional campaigns this year. We have several members within our team who members of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) who offer several templates for wider marketing audits