What Would You Put In The World’s Smallest Advert?

Everyday we see hundreds if not thousands of advertisements. From remarketing banners that spring in to action after we have downloaded a cookie from a website we visited to adverts in between our favorite TV programs.

When a company advertises they consider their brand and the particular product or service they are promoting. In the traditional print media, we used to talk about the Art of Zhen when it came to advert layout. In the West we read from left to right and top to bottom. A call to action would often be found in the bottom right hand corner and consist of an 0800 number, email address and website with perhaps a coupon offer.

Now consider the imprint on advertising gift. It is no different to any other form of advertising. The gift, whether it is a mug or pen or flash drive is the advertising medium. Each of these items will have an imprint area and they will vary in size and therefore the amount of content you can put within it.

So take a promotional pen and imagine this having an advertising imprint area of only 35×10mm in size. What can you fit into this that will be a great advert? Your logo should be the first thing that comes to mind. Advertising gifts are nearly always branded with a logo but the size of imprint may mean that you have to decide whether to print the entire logo with its strapline if there is one or not.

The second most popular thing to print in such a small imprint area is your website address. Landing page URLs can be too long to print and result in a font size that is too illegible or even to print without character infill. If there is space after this a phone number is also very popular.

So how effective can these small advertisements be? Well it all comes down to what you want to promote. Advertising gifts are a great way to promote your brand and contact details. The bigger the imprint area the more you can put. If you consider a mug for example, you can have a partial or full wrap, giving you far larger an area the advertise within.

At Redbows, we specialise in advertising gifts and helping clients to choose the right ones for their campaign. Our artwork team can help you develop your advertising imprint to maximize its effect and give you the most powerful of advertisements for your brand.