Promotional Lip Balms

These promotional lip balms and glosses are ideal for health and beauty campaigns or in the case of just the lip balms, sports related marketing. Each product can be personalised and branded with your logo.

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Lip balms are extremely useful to protect lips from external exposure in the summer and winter months. Dry air, cold temperatures and wind can have an effect on the skin by drawing away moisture. The skin on lips is particularly vulnerable because the skin is so thin. Waxes and petroleum jelly help helps prevent moisture loss while flavourants, sunscreens and colorants can provide additional benefits

In the summer time, lips can get dry from the sun, but the winter is no less harsh on them. Branded Lip balms are also among some of the least expensive promotional items you can use in your marketing campaign, so you won’t be wasting your budget on these items, but you can get plenty of them. Be sure to offer these at your next event, whether it’s indoor or outdoor. Your potential customers will appreciate the thought you put into these promotional items.

Lip Balms were first marketed by Charles Browne Fleet in the 1880s however the practice can be traced back more than 40 years. It was recommended to use earwax as a treatment for dry lips. It is suggested that when you have a cold, apply some lip balm to your nose after you use a tissue, to protect the skin from getting red and irritated. Or tap a little around your eyes to minimise wrinkles.

We offer a range of flavours at Redbows, some of the most popular are Vanilla, Strawberry, Coconut, Blackcurrant, Watermelon and Citrust Orange. If you’re looking for something a little different try our Cocktail Lip Balms in an Aluminium tin with flavours including Gin And Tonic, Malibu, Tia Maria and Sloe Gin.