Promotional Bugs

One way to put a fun twist on your promotional efforts is to use promotional bugs to share your logo or brand with the world. Promotional bugs give you a way to promote your product, service or brand with a bit of fun, but do not cost a fortune from your marketing budget.

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Promotional bugs are an all-time classic promotional giveaway. Also known as Pom Poms or Fuzzies, these furry round creatures are guaranteed to put a smile on your customer’s face. Promotional bugs are fun giveaways and their beloved familiarity will go over well with customers who will instantly recognise your brand or marketing campaign as fun and creative – and entirely memorable. Everyone wants to do business with a company that goes the extra lengths to make them smile. Use promo bugs to make sure your company fits the description. Nothing promotes a business or company more than bugs. From animal bugs to profession-specific ones to standard traditional bugs, each one of these critters will be sure to twitch a smile out of your customers. Sine these bugs can include a message or your custom logo, each time someone looks at your promotional bug they will know that you are a company with personality.

You can attach messages with a promotional slogan or even use ones that match your business name or custom logo. Logo bugs are especially great gifts from brands that market themselves as ‘fun’, as these fuzzy critters prove it. More professional businesses can benefit from using these cute promotional items, as they surprise customers with their whimsy and make your company stand out from those in your field doing the same old promotions. When you want a cost effective promotional campaign to spread the word about your products or services, consider promotional bugs