Promotional Folders

Promotional folders provide advertising and promotion opportunities in a very functional and useful giveaway product that can be used every day or at specific events like conferences, trade shows and product launches. The folders we supply include leather and imitation leather (PU) as well as card and plastic folder options and cater for a wide range of budgets with features that make them extremely useful including pockets and pen holders. We can supply folder examples on request and source other examples to meet any price. We can also source custom or bespoke branded folder designs made to your specification.

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Branded Folders and Custom Designs

Branded folders are one of the most useful giveaways to any business professional. Professionals from doctors, solicitors to marketing PRs and sales advisors, they all need to carry paper and documents with them every day. Business folders from executive leather ones to corporate card folders all serve a useful purpose that recipients will certainly appreciate.

Not only are they great giveaways to create that brand loyalty, they are a great way for your brand to travel. If you want to make your business look slick and professional and really stand out over your competitors then a great way of doing so is getting your staff kitted out with personalised folders so they can take your brand to lunch, and wherever else they go on company business. Not only are they showing off your logo and corporate id, they are also proving to business associates that your company goes the extra mile to ensure efficiency and professionalism. The opportunities of a wide audience of people seeing your company logo is endless.

There are Leather and Non-Leather folders available in executive or modern styles and many come with an array of pockets and pouches that can be filled with branded accessories such as calculators, pens and notepaper – keeping everything to hand for the meeting or event.

Using branded corporate card presentation folders at conferences or events is a great way for recipients to keep all the important information in that you want them to take home. It also helps you to cultivate a professional, corporate look–which goes a long way towards presenting yourself as an expert in your field. Clients will take one look at your folder and be impressed with your commitment to the details. Likewise, by handing out a business folder at the end of any business meeting, you can be sure that the information will be retained and that your final impression is just as good as your first.