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Promotional Bags

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We have a very wide range of promotional bags and can source many other types. Many of our bags are UK stocked and ready for shipment with your logo imprint within a few days. For larger quantities we can have your bags manufactured and printed at one of our supply factories. These will be on a longer lead time but with a lower overall unit cost.

Printed Personalised Bags – Getting Your Logo Onto A Promotional Bags

Printed bags offer great branding and advertising opportunities at exhibitions and trade shows. Promotional bags always prove very popular because they can have a long after-the-event life during which they get used time after time. As giveaways they offer tremendous return on investment.

Our promotional bag range offers a number of branding opportunities and we can apply imprints using several processes including: digital transfer, screen print, laser engraved or embossed and embroidered. The application processes available depend on the materials used in manufacturing the bag and these can include recycled materials to provide an ECO edge to your promotion, natural cotton and man-made materials such as polyester and nylon for durability.

Use Cotton Printed Bags to Promote Your Business

On the surface, cotton bags may look like a simple item that has only one purpose but they’re much more than a tool that’s used to carry other items around in. Have you ever thought about using them to promote your business? If not, it’s certainly something that you should consider because this is an item that all types of consumers use regularly.

For this reason, cotton bags, promotional jute bags, and promotional canvas bags can make quite an impact when used to advertise your business. Just imagine all the places these bags can go and the unlimited number of people who can see your ads. These bags also have the ability to reach consumers that other more conventional forms of advertising won’t reach.

Give the bags away as gifts to staff members to carry their work gear in and send them to customers as a ‘thank you’ gift for using your products and services. Everyone enjoys getting free gifts, especially when it’s something they can continue to use over and over again. They help to get your name and contact information out there where potential customers can see them with just a glance.

Everyone knows how important brand awareness is and how it can enhance any company. Using cotton bags as a way to advertise is definitely an excellent way to make your brand known, giving you an advantage over your competitors. Here are a few more reasons why cotton bags make excellent promotional items for your business.

  • Bags are durable and flexible: cotton promotional bags are very durable so they have the potential to promote your company for years. They’re strong enough to hold up to everyday use without ripping or tearing. If they get dirty, the cotton material is washable, so you can just toss them in the washing machine with the rest of the laundry. Not only are they durable but they’re flexible, too. You have complete control over what potential customers see because you can choose the information you want on the bag such as your company’s name, logo or contact information. Since, these reusable bags are so durable, so they’ll last for a long time even with constant use. Therefore, they won’t have to be replaced often like paper and plastic bags. In addition, they won’t end up lying in the landfill for years.
  • We have an extensive range of bags: another great thing about using cotton bags for promotional purposes is that the variety is incredible. You can have your choice of style, colour and size, which makes it easy to find something that suits your company perfectly. For example, if you own a clothing store, you could use natural cotton drawstring bags as your promotional item. These bags make excellent gym bags, beach bags and even overnight bags. Since your company sells clothing, it makes sense to choose a bag that is perfect for carrying these personal items around in. Here’s another example. If you own a book shop, you can choose a style suited for carrying books and give them out to customers when they make a purchase. They can bring the bag back every time they shop for more books, which mean they will be advertising your store in the process. Promotional conference bags are another great choice. When the representatives for your company take these bags with them to expos or conference meetings, they’re promoting your company while using a fully functional bag that makes it easy to keep all the documents they carry around safe and secure. It’s a great way to meet new contacts and stir up conversations that can help your representatives make new sales for your company.
  • Cotton bags cam be Eco-friendly: when you choose to use cotton bags to promote your company, you’re using an item that is eco-friendly. It shows that you and your company are aware of the need to start taking care of the planet. Cotton is a sustainable resource so cotton bags are both good for the environment and they’re practical. Cotton shopping bags are steadily growing in popularity as more consumers are taking these reusable bags with them when they go to the mall, grocery store, etc. This way, they don’t have to use paper or plastic so they’re doing something good for the environment. These bags appeal to all types of consumers, so they are a safe choice that will usually yield excellent results when used as a promotional item. When customers see that you are taking a stand and doing your part when it comes to green living, it’ll peak their interest and they’ll want to learn more about you and the items that you sell.

Bags come in all different shapes, sizes and can be used in almost every day to day life. A promotional bag is an extremely flexible marketing tool that works for the retail sector, branding companies, charities, councils, waste authorities, online businesses and various service industries. If you are looking for ways to boost your sales revenue, increase profit, create brand and customer loyalty, or to market and promote your business to a wider audience then a promotional bag can help achieve all these goals.

For a cost effective and handy promotional product, look no further than the promotional carrier bag. At Redbows, we have a diverse collection of bags to choose from and one of the key benefits to marketing via promotional carrier bags is the fact that they offer high brand exposure and wide appeal. Bags are not only a practical utility product but they are also highly portable, thus spreading your brand message far and wide.

You could opt for pens or a mouse mat, however such promo items only advertise to the individual using them, whereas a custom printed bags has little advertising boundaries and carries your message to a new audience every day. Long lasting, cost effective advertising is what all businesses strive for and imprinted plastic or conference bags certainly offer that.

Bags comes in all forms from cooler bags for those summer days, backpacks for the adventurous type, conference bags, plastic bags and many more. Drawstring bags are the perfect giveaway for school fairs or outdoor sporting events where they can be utilised in day to day life the gym goers or storing the children’s packed lunches, in either instance the visibility your brand will get is guaranteed.

One of the most widely used day to day bags is the cotton shopper. Marketing with printed cotton bags is a brilliant way to convey your message far and wide as your message is sure to travel a long way! They are used for those quick shop visits, as it is common for shops to now charge for plastic carrier bags so the majority of people will now always store a shopper in their car for convenience and practicality. Your brand message is warranted to travel far and wide.