Promotional Backpacks

Promotional backpacks and rucksacks printed with your logo provide a great branding opportunity and a way to reach a wider audience with your marketing. We provide an extensive range of rucksacks and backpacks and whilst we offer them with a imprint options including screen printing and embroidery, we can also provide plain stock backpacks. If you want a bespoke promotional backpack or rucksack made to your exact specifications we can also supply this but the lead times will be longer. We have shown a small selection of the rucksacks and backpacks we can provide below and have several more ranges and options available if you cannot find what you are looking for. Let us know what you need and your budget and we will help you to find the right rucksack or backpack for your promotion.

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How To Choose Between Promotional Rucksacks and Backpacks

When we talk about promotional backpacks or rucksacks we are referring to bags chosen for promotional marketing purposes and branded with a logo. There are in fact several terms that can be used for the types of bags shown in this collection including:

  • Backpacks, Knapsacks and Rucksacks
  • Haversacks and Shoulder Bags

So, what is the difference between these? Mostly differences refer to the location for carrying (back or shoulder) and their overall size.

Backpacks, Knapsacks and Rucksacks

Promotional Backpacks

Backpacks are worn or carried directly on a person’s back. Backpacks have two straps to secure the bag to the wearer’s shoulders and may have a chest and waist strap which help to distribute the weight over an upper torso allowing the backpack to be worn for long periods of time.

Backpacks are normally made from cotton, nylon or canvas and may have a metal frame to help support the weight. The more robust the design the greater the weight the bag can carry including up to 10Kg or more.

Knapsacks are typically made from nylon, canvas or leather and can be used for carrying a larger volume of items. Uses could include clothes, food and water provisions. Knapsacks are popular for day-trip hill walkers and other travellers who need to carry items and provisions for their day out. Knapsacks generally hold a day’s essential items.

The word ‘rucksack’ has German origins. In German ‘der Rücken’ means ‘the back’ with ‘sack’ referring to a bag. Rucksacks are a type of knapsack and are generally smaller than backpacks and are used by hikers, campers, bikers and cyclist to carry small provision for a day-out. Rucksacks tend to have easy access pockets for small items and may have a belt strap. In the UK we tend to interchange the term ‘rucksack’ with ‘backpack’.

Haversacks and Shoulder Bags

A haversack is also known as a shoulder bag and is carried by being slung over either a right or left shoulder. Haversacks are single strapped and are ideal for carrying low weights and small items for short periods of time. Most haversacks and shoulder bags are made from nylon, cotton, canvas or leather. Good examples of this type of bag include swimming bags, book bags and document bags. Haversacks are also referred to often as ‘messenger bags’ and were originally used by the military for carrying food including the ‘Havercake; which is type of bread made from oats and water.

Once again nations used words for bags interchangeably and often haversack is used in place of ‘rucksack’ in the APAC (Asia Pacific) region of the world.

Selecting A Rucksack or Backpack For Your Marketing Campaign

At Redbows, we have a wide selection of promotional backpacks and have something to suit all tastes, occasions, promotions and marketing campaigns. Whether you’re looking for a personalised backpack for a sporting event or you need promotional backpacks for an upcoming business venture, we are sure to have something for you. A few things to consider include:

Price and budget are important factors to consider and all our bags have volume related pricing. The greater the quantity the lower the unit price. Please let us know if you find a rucksack or backpack that you like but need help to get the price within your budget. We are always happy to look at this for clients and may be able to offer an alternative not shown from our wider range. We only show a short selection of backpacks and rucksacks here.

All prices shown include a form of imprint whether this is screen printed or embroidered or some other form including labelling. Screen printing offers the lowest unit print price. Embroidery is more expensive but can have a greater impact.

Colour matching is an important consideration. Bags generally have to be hardwearing and are therefore darker in colour. To match up you colours to your logo or offer a contrast you may need to consider trim colours.

Custom or bespoke features are available for some bags and so if you don’t find the exact product you want please do let us know. We can have bags made to order or customised to suit your project but please remember that this will add to the leadtime.

Artwork imprint areas are shown for each product. If you do not have artwork ready or cannot easily source this our Design Studio can assist here.

We are just a phone call away on 0800 158 3080 if you need advice or guidance on how to select the right promotional backpack for your promotion.