Promotional Water Bottles

Do you work in a school, gym or leisure centre? Or do you have an upcoming marketing campaign surrounding the idea of health and fitness? If so, then our promotional water bottles could make the perfect gift for you. With so many different styles, colours and sizes to choose from, you can personalise every detail and brand with your artwork or logo. Whether you’re looking for a specific feature, material or fruit infusers we are confident we can provide you with the perfect drink product for your company.

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Promotional water bottles are a common site these days whether commuting to work or in the office itself or sports club. Whether it’s a fashion accessory driven by programs like Love Island or a definite desire to be health and keep hydrated, drinks products open up a whole range of marketing possibilities for companies and organisations. They make great giveaways at trade shows, exhibitions and marketing events. Ideal for promotions centred around health and fitness for gyms, health clubs, sports clubs, schools, colleges and universities. They are also useful giveaways when running health related promotions for staff within a business or public sector organisation.

We have supplied branded water bottles to charities and sporting events as well as schools, college and universities, hotels, gyms, leisure clubs and health spas as well for sporting events like corporate golf days and to businesses and organisations looking to improve the well-being and health of their employees. Cared for and cleaned correctly they are completely reusable, promote your brand and provide health benefits for a long time. Printing can be done in up to four spot colours or full colour with your logo or marketing message.

Drinking water helps to maintain the right balance of fluids in the human body. Our bodies are made up of about 60% water which is used for a variety of reasons including maintenance of body temperature. The amount of water in your body is controlled by the pituitary gland and your brain which instructs the kidneys how much water to extract from your blood during the creation of urine or to hold onto as a reserve. Fluid in our body is important to aid digestion, absorption of foods, circulation and saliva.

Glass Water Bottles

Glass doesn’t tend to impact the drinks flavour. Some people don’t like the metallic taste you can get from stainless steel. Branded Glass Water Bottles, unlike plastic can be fully recycled and do not contain any harmful substances such as PVC, polycarbonate, phthalate or heavy metals like aluminium and nickel that can leak into your drink. However, glass won’t keep your drinks warm for long and it’s a potential hazard for young children. Another factor to consider is even after a hundred washes it will retain clarity as it’s easier to clean. Save by utilizing an eco-friendly, reusable recyclable glass water bottle.

Create a mobile advertising campaign designed around saving the planet. Not only will you show that your company cares about the environment, but you will also be utilising one of the best printed gifts on the market to promote your company. Save the world one glass bottle at a time and help your customers lead a healthy lifestyle, save money and become more conscious about environmental issues. For more information on promotional glass water bottles contact us and talk to one of our friendly sales consultants.

Plastic Water Bottles

Plastic is geared towards sports and workout-based promotions. Our branded plastic water bottles are made from polyethylene and are BPA free. We also supply recycled and reclaimed plastics and consider these to be eco-friendly or eco-friendly water bottles.

Child-friendly plastic water bottles and sports bottles are fantastic for outdoor events or sports competitions. Reusable plastic remains popular over glass and metal due to the number of personalisation options available. Our popular Baseline Bottles 500ml are available with up to 25 different colour combinations. Mix and match the base colour and lid to your brand. Buy investing in sustainable products you are demonstrating your companies eco beliefs and the importance of using personalised plastic water bottles.

Metal Water Bottles

Overall, using any reusable item is better than buying single-use plastic. Branded Metal water bottles are lightweight compared to glass. Most are BPA free and non-reactive. Vacuum Insulated Bottles are possibly the best at keeping water cold and hot beverages warm for up to 12 hours respectively. Surrounding the inner wall with a vacuum channel proves to be a very effective insulation method.

Printed metal water bottles are available in a variety of finishes including aluminium, stainless steel and thermal insulated all of which can be branded or engraved with your artwork. For a premium look we advise laser engraving your logo onto the product. This minimises the possibility of it rubbing off and ensures your logo and message are reproduced to the highest quality.